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Wondering where to find the printed Blues Notes ?

Cascade Blues Association

Thanks to some of our wonderful volunteers these are the places where to find the printed Blues Notes. Catfish Lou’s delivered at the Monthly meeting Ann Harcrow  Music Millennium Barley Mill Pub Laurelthurst Horse Brass Paulette Spud Monkey Carol Hamley

The Sportin’ Lifers Bring Jump Blues to Local Venues

The Sportin’ Lifers

The Sportin’ Lifers describe their music as a mixture of “jump blues,” “rhythm and blues,” “boogie woogie,” and “swing,” and the longer they perform as a unit the more their music fuses eras and bends genres. “As much as possible,

Chad Rupp — Kickin’ it with Pure Portland-Style Blues

Chad Rupp

“Raw and authentic Portland style blues,” is the way Portland native, Chad Rupp describes his music. He has been in and out of the Portland Blues scene for almost 25 years. Semi-professionally for about the last ten years. But he

The Arrogant Bastards set Portland on Fire.

The Arrogant Bastards

The “Arrogant Bastards” is a Blues, Funk, and Rock-n-Roll band based in Portland Oregon. Founded in early 2017 from a desire to create and perform music that is raw, exciting, and entertaining, the Bastards’ music is primarily blues based intertwined

Thank You Volunteers!

Thank You Volunteers

Whenever the Cascade Blues Association holds a special event it takes a few extra hands to make things run smoothly. The Board of Directors truly appreciates those who volunteer to help us as we could not do it without you.

Gary Burford

Gary Burford

Gary Burford was born in Austin, Texas. The right town to fall in love with music. He lived there before moving to Albany, Oregon, in the early 1970’s, where he lived until joining the U.S. Army in 1978. Having three

Mick Schafer’s Voice Will Draw You in and You’ll be Tapping Your Toes in No Time

Mick Schafer

Guitarist and vocalist Mick Schafer has been singing since childhood, but ventured to Europe when he was 20 to perform for tips and meals. He spent the early 70’s playing music around Europe. He always wanted to perform professionally but

Portland Organist Dennis Lusk Continues His Long Musical Journey

Dennis Lusk

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Dennis Lusk took organ lessons from age nine until sixteen. “I joined my first band in Oklahoma City when I was thirteen. I played several nights per week from age sixteen until age twenty-four,

Mojo Holler — Bringing Mississippi Delta Blues to Portland

Mojo Holler

“It started in August 2011. On our first date, a huge meteor fell right over the Willamette River as we were going for the first kiss. Not kidding! So, we took it as a sign and started making music together

Thank You, Volunteers!

Thank You Volunteers

Oops! We missed posting this last month, but we didn’t want to overlook everybody who helped out at the Cascade Blues Association’s Concert in the Park in August. Without our volunteers we cannot accomplish a lot of the necessary activities