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Shemekia Copeland

Shemekia Copeland

Two new releases have recently found their way into my CD player, and each represents different strains of the terrific diversity — in both form and themes — jingling around and through blues and Americana-orientated music today. – by Randy

Wily Bo Walker

Almost Transparent Blues Mescal Canyon Records It may be easy to compare the voice of Wily Bo Walker with the likes of Tom Waits, Dr. John, or Joe Cocker. One can certainly understand why when you give him a listen.

Barbara Blue

Fish In Dirty H2O Big Blue Records   The reigning Queen of Beale Street returns with an over the top new recording, Fish In Dirty H2O, that finds her vocals solid and powerful as she stretches through thirteen, mostly original

Sister Mercy

Diamonds Self Produced When Portland’s Sister Mercy released their first album, Heads Over Heels, in 2014, little did they realize just how much impact that they would create on the local music scene; even stretching across the Pacific Northwest all

Tom Gilberts

Grit Polymerase Records Tom Gilberts contacted me online and told me that Terry Robb had suggested that I should hear his new album, Grit. Well if Terry is going to recommend something then of course my ears are going to

Damon Fowler

The Whiskey Bayou Session Damon Fowler’s new release, The Whiskey Bayou Session, is a nifty little album that spotlights his diverse musical approach and terrific musicianship. Fowler and his musical accomplices, bassist Todd Edmunds and drummer Justin Headley, cook up

Ben Rice

Ben Rice - Wish The World Away

Wish The World Away Self Produced Is it possible for Ben Rice to get any better than he already is? Watching him from his early teens he continues to stun me with how much he seemingly improves with each and

Michael Osborn

Michael Osborn - Hangin' On.

Hangin’ On Checkerboard Records Michael Osborn is certainly no stranger to the blues world. His guitar playing is impeccable. Not so hard to believe when you grow up with friends like the Ford Brothers (Robben, Mark, and Patrick), work with

The Proven Ones

The Proven Ones - Wild Again

Wild Again Roseleaf Records The Proven Ones are the new blues super group. Super Group? Now that is definitely an understatement. This cast of music greatness has no less than 40 individual Blues Music Award nominations between them (not to

Dana Fuchs

Dana Fuchs

Love Lives On Get Along Records Dana Fuchs’ Love Lives On is her initial album on her own label, Get Along Records. This is the blues with a hand heavily in soulful rock and a bit of Americana. The power of