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Return Your First-Round Muddy Award Ballots By September 12

It’s that time again everybody. Muddy Award ballots have been mailed to Cascade Blues Association members’ home addresses (sorry only members may vote). Please select carefully, for the top three choices in each of the three categories. If more than three choices are filled in, all will be disqualified from your ballot on that category. Also, make a point to check out the names on the back of the ballot for those no longer eligible to be nominated in certain categories. All ballots must be postmarked no later than Saturday, September 12 for us to send out the final ballot …

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The Muddy Award Night: A 2014 Spectacular Night of the Blues

Only in Portland Oregon can so much talent and dedicated effort be compressed into the Melody Ballroom to produce a one night blues event like this year’s Muddy Awards.

A special thanks is owed to all of our CBA volunteers who stepped up and supported the evening:

Admission and Door Duties; Sandy Frost, and Bonita Davis.  Merchandise Sales; Steve Broderick, Winnie Richards, Mike and Kimberly Taylor, Steve MacGregor, Randy Murphy, John Keaton, and Jon Norstoe.

Stage Equipment; John Keaton, Jon Pierce, and Richard LaChapelle

Program Creation, Nominee Certificates and Evening Multi-media Presentation: Wendy Schumer. Printing donated by Cedar House Media.…

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The Muddy Awards A Huge Success!

The 2014 Cascade Blues Association Muddy Awards were held on Wednesday, November 5th at The Melody Ballroom to a huge crowd of blues supporters for what has traditionally been one of the biggest single-night events within the local blues community every year. The awards were presented in twenty-two categories as voted on by the CBA membership, selecting their favorite acts, events, venues and recordings from the last year. And we also paid tribute to those musicians we lost this past year, Jim Miller, Janice Scroggins, Linda Hornbuckle, Mel Solomon and James Williams.

The big winner this year was without …

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2014 Cascade Blues Association Muddy Awards Recipients

  •  Contemporary Blues Act – Lisa Mann & Her Really Good Band
  • R&B Act – Curtis Salgado
  • Traditional Blues Act – Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes
  • Regional Blues Act – Hank Shreve Band
  • New Blues Act – Tracey Fordice & The 8 Balls
  • “Duffy Bishop” Female Vocalist – Rae Gordon
  • “Curtis Salgado” Male Vocalist – Ben Rice
  • Electric Guitar – Kevin Selfe
  • “Terry Robb” Acoustic Guitar – Mary Flower
  • Bass – Lisa Mann
  • Drums – Jimi Bott
  • Harmonica – Mitch Kashmar
  • Keyboards – Steve Kerin
  • Horns – Peter Moss
  • “The Hurley” Award – Randy Schleining
  • Venue – The Lehrer
  • Northwest Recording
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What’s on Tap for November’s General Membership Meeting . . . The Muddy Awards!!

Melody Ballroom, 615 SE Alder St., Portland
Wednesday, November 5th, 6:30 pm
Members always Free – Non-members attending the Muddys $5.00

It’s here again. The biggest night for the blues in the City of Portland as the Cascade Blues Association honors those outstanding musicians, venues, events, recordings and individuals with the highly coveted Muddy Awards for excellent achievement during this past year. Twenty-two categories will be presented by members of the CBA Board of Directors, noted artists and other friends of the blues recognizing those chosen as recipients by the members of the Cascade Blues Association by ballots …

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2014 Muddy Awards Nominees

Contemporary Blues Act:
Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes
Lisa Mann & Her Really Good Band
The Strange Tones

R&B Act:
Curtis Salgado
Ken DeRouchie Band
Lloyd Jones Struggle
Norman Sylvester Band

Traditional Blues Act:
Ben Rice & The iLLamatics
Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes
Tevis Hodge, Jr.

New Act:
Gabriel Cox
Still Water Vibes
Tracey Fordice & The 8 Balls

Regional Act:
Hank Shreve Band
Henry Cooper
Randy Oxford Band
Tommy Hogan

“Duffy Bishop” Female Vocalist:
Karen Lovely
Lisa Mann
Rae Gordon

“Curtis Salgado” Male Vocalist:
Ben Rice
Kevin Selfe
Phil “Suburban Slim” Wagner

Electric Guitar:
Doug Rowell
Kevin Selfe…

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Remember To Send In Your Muddy Ballots On Time To Be Counted

The nomination round ballots for the 2014 Muddy Awards have been returned and calculated. Cascade Blues Association members should have received their final ballots by now.  Please take the time to fill out your ballots and mail them back to us postmarked no later than Wednesday, October 15th in order to be counted. Remember, no write in votes on the final ballots. These will automatically make the selections for that category null and void.

Mark your calendars to be at The Melody Ballroom, 615 SE Alder St., on Wednesday, November 5th for the 2014 Muddy Awards Ceremonies and …

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Muddy Award Recipients Through The Years

Contemporary Blues Act Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes
R&B Act Curtis Salgado
Traditional Blues Act Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes (tie)
Ben Rice Band (tie)
New Blues Act Stevens-Hess Band
Regional Blues Act Hank Shreve Band
“Duffy Bishop” Female Vocalist Rae Gordon
“Curtis Salgado” Male Vocalist Ben Rice
Electric Guitar Kevin Selfe
“Terry Robb” Acoustic Guitar Alan Hager
Bass Dave Kahl
Drums Jimi Bott
Keyboards DK Stewart
Harmonica Hank Shreve
Horns Peter Moss
Venue Duff’s Garage
NW Blues Event Cascade Blues Association Members Picnic
“The Hurley Award” – Stage Personnel Chris Colligan
NW Recording Kevin Selfe – Long Walk
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2014 Muddy Award Considerations – Northwest CDs

Alan Hager & Dave Fleschner Live From The Vault
Arthur Migliazza Laying It Down
Big Monti Dangling From A Rope
Bonepickers Strollin’
Chris Lord & Cheatin’ River Chunkabilly Blues
Duffy Bishop Find Your Way Home
Ellen Whyte & The Blackbird Flyers Good Luck Charm
Frank E. Gee & Jimmy Meunier Social Moments
Gabriel Cox Gabriel Cox
Hard Garden Blue Yonder
Holfar Blue Blue Suede Cadillac
Holfar Blue You Need Truth
Justin James Bridges On My Way
Karen Lovely The Prohibition Blues
Kivett Bednar Land Of The Living
Lisa Mann Move On
Mary Flower When My Bluebird Sings
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Muddy Award Hall of Fame Inductees

The following individuals, bands, venues and events have been inducted into the Muddy Award Hall of Fame. In order to be inducted, they must win their respective catagory three continuous years.

The Female Vocalist, Male Vocalist and Acoustic Guitar Muddy Awards have been named in honor of specific individuals. In order to have a catagory named for them, they must be the recipient of no less than twelve Muddy Awards in that catagory. It has been the decision of the Board of Directors that only individual catagories will be named, no band, venue, recording or event catagories.

The Lifetime Achievement …

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