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Steve Cheseborough

Hey Folks! If you have any interest in learning to play blues harp or guitar (or improving the skills you already have), consider the summer classes I’m offering through Artichoke Music. Both meet on Monday evenings beginning June 18 and run for eight weeks.

Blues Harmonica is open to all skill levels. We’ll work on some of the traditions of the early 20th century, when African-American players brought new levels of virtuosity and expressiveness to this German instrument! Open ears and mind, a willingness to practice and an interest in blues are all that’s required. Oh, and a professional-quality diatonic harp in the key of A, which you can buy at the Artichoke store if you don’t already have.

Blues Guitar 1920s-30s-style aims to get you picking and singing the blues in the tradition of Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Johnson, Memphis Minnie, Blind Lemon Jefferson and other great bluesmen and blueswomen. Prerequisites: familiarity with basic chords, ability to keep a beat, interest in the blues and in improving your playing! You’ll need an acoustic guitar, a capo and a slide.

More information and registration is available through You can also contact me through that site with any questions.

Have a great summer (and it’ll be a happier one if it’s music-filled)!

Steve Cheseborough