Best Self-Produced CD Entry Deadline Oct 6th

Best Self-Produced CD
Entry Deadline Oct 6th

As part of the mission of the Blues Foundation to celebrate blues recording and to ensure the future of this uniquely American art form, it established an award for the Best Self-Produced CD, given out at the International Blues Challenge to recognize excellence in independent Blues recordings.


  1. Musicians who are CBA members in good standing as of Oct 6, 2021 are eligible (if you’re not currently on the list, get on it now!)
  2. CDs released between November 1, 2019 and October 31, 2021 are eligible
  3. Compilations are not eligible
  4. May be recorded and performed by an act other than is entered in the current year’s International Blues Challenge
  5. CD may not include a board member or officer of the CBA
  6. A performer who has previously been nominated for a Blues Music Award (formerly the W.C. Handy Blues Award) shall not be eligible for this competition
  7. A CD on a record label that has been previously nominated for a Blues Music Award (formerly the W.C. Handy Blues Award) shall not be eligible for this competition
  8. Musicians can submit TWO (2) COPIES of their qualifying self-produced CD to the CBA for consideration
  9. CDs can either be sent by mail (and received, not just postmarked) to: CBA-BSPCD PO Box 6566 Portland OR 97228-6566 or delivered to Marie Walters, Committee Chair, at the General Membership Meeting at the Spare Room on Wednesday October 6th, or anytime prior ‪(503) 278-4379‬ (to connect/arrange)
  10. CDs must be in the hands of the CBA Committee by October 6th (not postmarked by then)
  11. The CBA will announce the nominated CD on or before October 19th and will collect TWO (2) ADDITIONAL COPIES from the winner.
  12. The CBA will submit FOUR (4) copies of the selected CD to the Blues Foundation by the deadline
Criteria considered (in order of importance):
(1) Blues Content
(2) Musical Performance
(3) Audio Quality and Production Value of the Recording
(4) Professionalism and Visual Appearance of Cover Art and Design
(5) Credits and Liner Note Information.

Judging will take place in three rounds. Judges will remain anonymous in order to protect them from outside influences and represent a cross-section of professionals from the blues radio and print industry. The final results will be announced at the finals of the 37th International Blues Challenge on Saturday, January 22, 2022 held at the historic Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, TN.️