Board and Volunteer Duties Listing

UPDATE 12/1/22 – This page is significantly out-of-date! We’re updating/refreshing it now…

CURRENT 2022 Board Officer Roles & Responsibilities


The President shall supervise and direct the business of the corporation. In addition, the President shall preside at meetings of the Members and of the Board of Directors. The President has the right to make Executive decisions only in situations where the board is deadlocked on a decision. Such decisions will be communicated to the Board via email in a timely manner.

Vice President

In the absence of the President or as occasionally designated by the President or Board of Directors, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. The Vice President will act as counsel to the President when Executive decisions are deemed necessary.

General Secretary

The General Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Membership and Board of Directors, see that all notices are given in accordance with these Bylaws as required by law, and be custodian of the corporate records. The General Secretary shall maintain a list of all generally authorized CBA activities. The General Secretary will distribute the monthly meeting minutes to the Board of Directors within 1 week after the monthly meeting. The minutes will also be stored in a shared location so that backup copies are securely maintained. The General Secretary will also be responsible for creating and distributing the agenda for each monthly meeting at least 24 hours before the date of said meeting.

Membership Director

The Membership Director shall keep the Membership roster current and accurate. This includes sending out membership cards to all new and renewed members, sending notices to members when membership is about to expire, providing the membership mailing list to the Editor of the Blues Notes so that members receive their newsletter. The Membership Director (or their designee) is encouraged to be at the monthly meetings to enroll new members, provide membership cards and update the roster. This membership roster should be up to date and accurate and include all contact information – address, email, and phone as well as any volunteer interests. The Membership Director will be responsible for managing the member database and providing current membership lists to be used at key member meetings and any other events that will require checking membership status. The Corporation will provide the Membership Director with a laptop and other tools in order for them to do their job effectively. Since electronic payment is a vehicle that will be used to join the Corporation, the Membership Director will be required to monitor electronic submissions and enroll new members promptly upon application submission. New members and renewing members should receive their authorized Membership cards no later than 1 month after their submission to join or renew. The Membership Director is also responsible for backing up and safely securing all membership data.


The Treasurer shall have charge of, custody of and control of all funds of the corporation, shall give and receive monies payable and due to the Corporation from any sources and deposit such money in the name of the Corporation in such banks as may be selected in accordance with these Bylaws. The Treasurer shall maintain a list of generally authorized monetary expenditures approved by the Board. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all financial records, invoices and receipts of the Corporation. The Treasurer shall provide a financial status report to the Board each month which includes all financial transactions of the Corporation. After each meeting of the membership the Treasurer will count and record monies to be deposited. This report shall also be stored electronically in a shared location.

12/1/22: The information below – while comprehensive – is also significantly out of date. Will replace/update shortly!

Responsibilities of Board and others working with the Cascade Blues Association updated 8/1/21
The following is a partial list of the volunteers’ responsibilities. As you can see, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes with the Cascade Blues Association.
Elected Officers
Greg Johnson, President (Shelley Garrett currently handling these) – Preside over Board of Directors Meetings and Membership Meetings, Membership Meeting band scheduling, BluesNotes content, proofing & final authorization for print, Website updating, Journey to Memphis lead, Muddy Awards Ceremony lead, Best Self-Produced CD lead, Blues Foundation and other society liaison , FB Admin
Shelley Garrett, Vice-President – Preside over duties of President when they are unavailable, Monthly Email Blast, Liaison with Website Developer, Google Forms voting, Merchandising, Waterfront Blues Festival Booth lead, PayPal technologist, monitor CBA staff gmail, Blues Notes Advertising, Online Store & Shipping, FB Admin, Portland Venue Project Committee, Waterfront Blues Festival Flyer Production and advertising.
Mike Day, Treasurer
Control of accounts, financial reporting & documenting
Mike Todd, Membership Secretary –Maintaining Membership records, new membership and renewals, “mini” Muddy category research
Marie Walters, General Secretary, BOD Meeting minutes, “Roberts Rule of Order,” board coach, Board Meeting meeting location coordinator, monitor CBA VoiceMail, FB Admin, Portland Venue Project Committee, GoFundMe Campaign, graphics for website, Facebook and the member newsletter, Blues Notes contributor, ticketing specialist
At Large Members
Randy Murphy – BluesNotes content & proofing, Non-Profit Association of Oregon liaison, Various Festival liaison, Board of Directors Ethics document update, New Music and CD review coordinator
Brad Bleidt – MBA/Non-Profit Management-Consultant, Bylaws, Directors & Officers Insurance, Blues Notes Advertising, Muddy Awards Production, Portland Venue Project Committee Lead, Long term planning lead
Ron Johnson seconder of motions (LOL), “mini” Muddy category research

Robert Evans-liaison to the Blues Dancers community, Blues In The Schools lead, “mini” Muddy category research, Holiday Party, CBA calendar

Jeanette Aglipay-Holiday Party

Anni Piper-CD reviews, Holiday Party
Volunteer- Richard LaChapelle (lead), Belinda Clark, Jeanette Aglipay

Blues Notes Proofreading–big thanks to John Taylor!
Volunteer Opportunities
At Large Board Member
Grant Writer
Advertising Sales
Christopher Mesi Scholarship Fund
Blues in the Schools
CD Reviews for the Blues Notes
Musicians Relief Fund
Blues Notes Delivery not needed for 2022
Cider Fest (June) not needed for 2022
Waterfront Blues festival (July) not needed for 2022
Muddy Awards Ceremony (November)
Holiday Party (December)