Jody Carroll 

World of Man Anthology:  

Volume One – Old Dogs 

Volume Two – Lost in Time 

Volume Three – Promise Land 

Thahaylia Music 

Review by Greg Johnson 

Jody Carroll’s three-volume compilation, World of Man Anthology, is an impressive masterclass in the basics of American music. It’s rare that such a large project can capture so much magic, especially considering they were all recorded within little more than a month and released simultaneously. If this was a career’s worth of music being compiled it would be a treasure trove worthy of a lifetime’s recognition. But it is not, Carroll has been quite prolific, releasing music regularly, all of it over-the-top exceptional. It is a testimony of his talent, imaginative creativity and his knowledge of music history, be it blues, folk or various forms of roots, that make up the huge cauldron behind his repertoire.  

The majority of the input of the three albums are his own original material, with a few traditionals and covers offered on the first disc. Almost all of it is recorded acoustically, with the exception being “Burning Hell.” The song’s fuzzy overtones on both his instrument and the recording of his voice bring to mind the rawness of North Mississippi Hill Country music from the likes of Junior Kimbrough or RL Burnside. 

Carroll’s playing rivals any of the bygone masters. His vocals are immediately recognizable. Flat out, he is an overlooked genius when it comes to songwriting and performing. Easily one of the very best of his time. 

Available individually at 

Volume One: 38:30 

Fishing Blues / The Train That Carried My Girl From Town / Wildwood Flower Field / The Cuckoo / Why She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye / Columbus Stockade Blues / Elk River Blues / Up In Illinois / North Land / Burning Hell 


Volume Two: 41:19 

Hear That Whistle Blow / Cairo Lost In Time / Even When She’s Not There / Long Gone Train / Throw Me Down / Lost Within Your Lies / The World Of The Blues / Waiting For A Sign From Above / Nightlife / My Soul Is Going Home 


Volume Three: 41:25 

The World Of Man / Moonshine / Jimmie Moore’s Blues / Oh The River Oh the Sea / Heaven Knows / Hard Times In The Valley / The return Of The Last Gunfighter / Lazy Ol’ River / Promise Land / Lafayette Locks On The Fourth Of July 


Kirk Fletcher - My Blues Pathway

Kirk Fletcher 

My Blues Pathway
Cleopatra Blues 

Review by Greg Johnson 

If you were to sit down and ask people about who they felt were the most impressive guitar players in the blues world today, you just might find a long list at hand. But more than likely, you’d find Kirk Fletcher’s name prominently on most of those lists. He garnered attention while working with bands like The Fabulous Thunderbirds and The Mannish Boys, but if you heard his last previous disc, Hold On, you’re already aware that he has a lot to say on his own. My Blues Pathway confirms this. Whether Fletcher is performing his own material or covering somebody else’s songs, he delivers with soulful vocals and stunning guitar work. And it comes across with his own passionate signature performance on each. 

He is joined by Robert Cray bassist Richard Cousins for the recording, who also lends a hand in writing a couple of songs, “No Place To Go” and “Love Is More Than A Word.” The rest of the band behind Fletcher includes bassist Travis Carlton, keyboardist Jeff Babkos, drummers Lemar Carter and David Kida, plus horn work from Joe Sublett on sax and Mark Pender on trumpet. The album closes with Fletcher teaming up with harmonica legend Charlie Musselwhite and guitarist Josh Smith on the acoustic number, “Life Gave Me a Dirty Deal,” written by Juke Boy Bonner. 

Six of the 10 pieces are originals, with the remaining covers being Sonny Boy Williamson’s “Fattening Frogs For Snakes” where Fletcher shines on his guitar with a song written to showcase Sonny Boy’s harmonica;  Chris Cain’s “Place In This World Somewhere;” and AC Reed’s “I’d Rather Fight Than Switch.” His self-written numbers are exceptional as well. Standout offerings include his tribute to one of his guitar heroes, Denny Freeman, “D Is For Denny;” heartbreak in “Heart So Heavy;” and the autobiographical “Struggle For Grace.” 

Kirk Fletcher is destined to become one of the renowned masters of blues guitar if he isn’t there already. The Hold On album reaped numerous nominations for various awards. My Blues Pathway follows right along in its footsteps and beyond. Expect more accolades coming Kirk Fletcher’s way here. 

Total Time: 45:34 

Ain’t No Cure For The Downhearted / No Place To Go / Love Is More Than A Word / Struggle For Grace / Rather Fight Than Switch / Heart So Heavy / Fattening Frogs For Snakes / Place In This World Somewhere / D Is For Denny / Life Gave Me A Dirty Deal 


New Music to Note-September 2021

November 2020 New Music Releases 

There is so much good music out there. To help sort through it, we recommend starting here: 

 A Band Called Sam – Legacy (Highlander Records) 

Danny Brooks & Miss Debi [- Are You ready? The Mississippi Sessions (His House Records) 

Dudley Taft – Cosmic Radio (American Blues Artist Group) 

ElectroBluesSociety – Riffs & Blues EP (Instrumental Blues Records) 

Jody Carroll – World of Man Anthology: Lost In Time (Thahaylia Music) 

Jody Carroll – World of Man Anthology: Old Dogs (Thahaylia Music) 

Jody Carroll – World of Man Anthology: Promise Land (Thahaylia Music) 

Kerry Kearney – Tales From The Psychedelta (Highlander Redcords) 

Kim Wilson – Take Me Back (MC Records)    

Kirk Fletcher – My Blues Pathway (Cleopatra Records) 

Laura Tate - Live from El Paso  (811 Gold Records) 

Malaya Blue – Still (Blue Heart Records) 

Ole Frimmer Band – Live In Eppingen (Katti Records) 

Paul Boddy & The Slidewinder Blues Band – Friends Of Tuesday (Slide records) 

Savoy Brown – Taking The Blues Back Home: Live In America (Secret Records) 

The Allman Betts Band – Bless Your Heart (BMG) 

The Plaehn – Hino Blues Band – The Plaehn – Hino Blues Band (Self Release) 








Ramblings On My Mind-March 2021

Ramblings On My Mind

by Greg Johnson, Cascade Blues Association President 

It seems that this full year has been reminiscing about how much work it would normally take to keep up each month with Cascade Blues Association activities and meetings. For instance, it is now November and the Muddy Awards should’ve consumed a great deal of time starting in August in preparing for and doing actual nominations and balloting for the various award categories. But like so many events in our current world, it too had to be canceled to avoid a gathering of a large crowd. So here we are, no asking for musicians to perform at the ceremonies, no creation of the presentation slide show, no counting of ballots, no having awards made up, no reservation of a venue. It is a lot of work, but still it’s a huge disappointment, because we do look forward to holding one of the year’s most anticipated events within our blues community. We know that this pandemic should be temporary and we will look forward to having this and so many more events take place again eventually. 

We are happy to start up a relationship with Artichoke Music to be able to present a monthly performance from a local act streamed online. It may not be the same as our usual monthly meetings where we could all get together with friends and enjoy the music in person. But we will be able to bring live music with our two nonprofit organizations working together. A full hour each month on the first Wednesday at our normal time. With the limited space in their performance room, we cannot open to the public as they’re limited to only 14 people who can be in attendance. This means that we will give this space to the performers’ family members first. But this will not go on forever and once restrictions allow, we will hold meetings where we can bring back everyone again. Have faith, it’ll happen. 

We have been able to enjoy live performances in a handful of locations, mostly held outdoors. The weather is about to change with the colder months ahead and some have taken precautions to be able to continue, so we need to support those who’re trying to keep the music scene. If you’re comfortable with indoor settings — and many are doing so with reduced capacity allowances and distancing set-ups — please make note to abide by the venue’s guidelines and continue to purchase food and drinks and tip the bands. It is their lifeline of survival. If you’re not willing to go out, continue tuning into the online live broadcasts from the many musicians out there. And again, tip those you tune into as without being able to come to you in person, this may be the only income they have. 

The Cascade Blues Association will be there when everything comes back, but we are also looking to a new year. And that means we need to assure that we have a board in place to keep our future activities moving forward. All of our officer positions are up to be voted on and they’re necessary to be fully filled so the others are not overwhelmed by having to do more than what is already on their plates. We have several people who plan on re-running, but that should not prevent others from putting their names onto the ballot. The most important role that we know needs filling is the treasurer. Obviously we need a person who can keep up with our finances and bills, and somebody who is proficient in accounting and filling out taxes. When everything is open, it is difficult to keep up, so please consider helping out. If not as an officer, at-large members are a godsend, too. So much work to do, everybody is important. 

2020 has been an extremely hard year for everybody. The future has got to be better. The blues are not going anywhere. In fact, the difficulties and hardships should make for great theme fodder for new music. We will all celebrate when the world opens to everybody with no restrictions and the music will be there to keep us all company again in person. Do what we can to support those in the music industry today and help ensure that it rises again when it can. Stay safe, everybody. 

Lu’s Jukebox - Lucinda Williams

Lu’s Jukebox – Lucinda Williams
Offers a Series of Streaming Performances

Join award-winning, revered singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams on an unprecedented musical journey spanning time and multiple genres with her latest endeavor, Lu’s Jukebox! This eight-episode series of mostly full-band, in-studio performances will feature a themed set of songs, curated by the multi-Grammy award winner. As a bonus, she’ll introduce an occasional Lu-rarity or new song that fits each episode’s theme. 

Born in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, this collection of songs and stories will also benefit the struggling independent music venues that have helped foster her decades-long career, including both the Aladdin Theater and Revolution Hall in Portland. A percentage of each ticket will go directly to the venue through which it was purchased. 

Lu has poured her heart and soul into each of these episodes. From hand-selecting the songs to giving it her all in the studio, this series has been a journey you won’t want to miss. 

“We’ve actually wanted to do a cover series for a long time now, but never had the time with my touring schedule”, says Williams. “I guess the silver lining in all of this has been to be able to really get inside the songs of some of my favorite artists – see what makes them tick. My hope for this project is that we’ll be able to help as many venues as we can. They’re our homes, as artists. We have to take care of them, for the sake of live music to come.” 

Tracked live by Grammy award-winning producer Ray Kennedy and captured in HD video by Neighborhoods Apart Productions (John Prine, Jason Isbell) your ticket ensures the highest quality content available and one hell of a rock and roll show, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Stream each episode individually, or check out our ticketing bundles. Digital audio downloads — as well as CD and vinyl pre-orders, are available for purchase. 

Purchase your admission at through either the Aladdin Theater or Revolution Hall websites. Various ticket packages are available. Show time is 7 p.m. CT. 

Thursday, November 12: Southern Soul: From Memphis to Muscle Shoals & More  

Thursday, November 19: Bob’s Back Pages: A Night of Bob Dylan Songs 

Thursday, December 3: Funny How Time Slips Away: A Night of ‘60s Country Classics 

Thursday, December 17: Have Yourself a Rockin’ Little Christmas with Lucinda 

Thursday, December 31: It’s Only Rock and Roll: A Tribute to the Rolling Stones 


Cascade Blues Association / Artichoke Music  Present Livestream with adam Scramsted

Learning Opportunities Through Artichoke Music

Not only has Artichoke Music teamed up with the Cascade Blues Association to help bring live entertainment once a month to our members, they also offer a wide and diverse selection of educational classes in various genres and instrumentation. Renowned instructors such as blues musicians Anne Weiss and Steve Cheseborough are among those with streaming classes as well as folk legend Tom May and guitarist Adrian Martin. Check out their website for a complete listing of all current classes available.

Here are what is currently being offered by Anne and Steve:

Anne Weiss:

Sing More Better and Feel More Better!

This is a class for people who love to sing and would like to get better at it! — Anne Weiss, creator of “The Everyone Welcome Community Choir” and “Singing for the Vocally Challenged,” is premiering a new Zoom format that incorporates the essence of those participatory, learning experiences with her new class, “Sing More Better.” Taught in the oral tradition, we’ll use sing-along and call and response formats with easy, fun songs from around the world to help you learn breath control, pitch, harmony, new repertoire and lift our spirits while we are lifting our voices!

Getting Ready for the Blues

ALL LEVELS! All Instruments–In this class we’ll take on a new song every week, listen carefully together and figure out what to work on and how to work on it to become a better blues player! You’ll be sent a nice, slow, clean recording of each song (by yours truly) plus chords and lyrics to work out your part, whether that is rhythm or bass guitar, keyboards, guitar/bass/horn/harmonica/etc solo, vocals or vocal harmony, and then you’ll have the opportunity to share what you have come up with the group (ie, short “zoom” performance) if you choose,  and get support on how to be an ever-better-blues-player. This class will help you to emerge blues-player prepared for the post-Covid days to come!

Steve Cheseborough:

Blues Harp from the Heart

Blues harp from the heart — Playing the harmonica really does strengthen your abs and improve your breathing. Probably the only instrument you play by inhaling, it is magical and mystical. Also, it’s one of the most affordable, portable and intimate of instruments, a friend to carry wherever you go. And it is a key element of America’s fabulous musical tradition, the blues. But it ain’t easy! All levels welcome, including beginners, as long as you are willing (and happy) to practice daily. 6 – 6:50 pm Mondays, 6 weeks, $100. Steve Cheseborough, instructor.

Blues in Spanish Tuning

Blues in Spanish tuning — We’ll sing in English but play in Spanish tuning (a favorite of Muddy Waters, RL Burnside, Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards and many others). For guitarists of any level who love the blues and like to practice every day! 7-7:50 pm Mondays, 6 weeks, $100. Steve Cheseborough, instructor. By Zoom for now!

23rd Annual NW Women Rhythm & Blues Christmas Concerts 

23rd Annual NW Women Rhythm & Blues
Christmas Concerts 

The holidays are starting a little earlier this year as The Blue Diamond will host two concerts from the NW Women Rhythm & Blues and their annual Christmas celebration shows. 

It’s always an exciting showcase that features some of the West Coast’s very best artists: Sonny Hess, Lisa Mann, Rae Gordon, Angel James, LaRhonda Steele, Myrtle Brown, Lady True Blue, Kathryn Grimm, Mark Steele and Kelly Pierce. 

The shows have long benefited children with cancer through The Candlelighters and this year it will assist Struggling Local Musicians as well. Make sure to get your tickets and reservations early as these performances always sell out early. This is an outdoor event. 

The Blue Diamond Bar & Grill, 2016 NE Sandy Blvd., Sunday, November 15, 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. $24 general admission, $39 with dinner. Tickets available at 



Paul Boddy and the SlideWinder Blues Band

Paul Boddy and the SlideWinder Blues Band

Friends of Tuesday
Slide Records

From the downbeat of the first song on this EP – “Over the Hump” – you know you’re in for a bumpy, but fun, ride. And while this is the first album for Paul Boddy and his irreverent SlideWinders, it sure ain’t their first rodeo. 

The band from Doylestown, Pennsylvania  — just outside Philadelphia – takes its name from a weekly open blues jam (“The Every Tuesday Funk ’n’ Blues Jam”) that started at a club in their hometown. But all the members of the band have earned their own names by years of hard work and paying their blues dues: 

n     The British-born Boddy (vocals and guitar) grew up listening to his grandmother singing in London blues clubs, enjoying family barbecues with the Bay City Rollers and sitting in while his uncle’s band – which included a guitarist who went on to join Judas Priest – rehearsed in a warehouse. And Boddy’s dad worked with Mark Stevens of The Dovells and the late Don Kirshner. In addition to founding Cayman Records in 1999 and producing Bob Lowery’s “Yellow Light” album, Boddy has put in 40-plus years of performing, writing and recording music in multiple genres. 

n     Lori Gaston, whose vocals wrap nicely around Boddy’s, started singing in a funk band at 16, and she hasn’t stopped moving since. She’s jumped in and out of disco and R&B bands until joining the SlideWinders three years ago. 

n     Organist and pianist Glenn “The Wizard” Hale, uncle of Lzzy and Arejay Hale of rock’s Halestorm band, has played music across the country for half a century. 

n     Bassist Chip Hearne, a SlideWinder since 2018, adds another half-century of performing experience, including two decades with the Flamin’ Harry Blues Band and the Craig Thatcher Band. He also laid down the bass line for Leslie West’s “Mystic Fire” album. 

n     And drummer Dave Hollinsworthwho joined the band last year has toured with Todd Wolfe, performed with Leslie West and Geoffrey Whitehorn of Procol Harum, and sat behind Dickey Betts, John Mayall and Wishbone Ash’s Andy Powell. 

With Boddy’s bawdy vocals leading the way, the Slidewinders roll through five songs that’ll have you turning up the volume and hitting replay more than once. 

The album is full of the time-honored blues tradition of all-in-fun double-entendre lyrics (“I might be over the hill, but I’ll never get over the hump”) and titles (sorry, kids, but “Pretty Kitty” isn’t really about a cat), and the polished, lively sounds jump right out of the box. 

Tight rhythms, cinched up with the steady hands of some seasoned pros, make this one an out-of-the-chute champ. 

Count us in as some of Tuesday’s closest friends. 

Total Time: 20:18 

Over the Hump / Love Me Darlin’ / Money On Love / Knock My Boots / Pretty Kitty / Makin’ Me Cry 


The Cascade Blues Association
& Artichoke Music Present Kim Field
& The Perfect Gentlemen Live Online

Wednesday, November 4, 7 p.m. PST 

This is a streaming online performance. Listen in at 

It has been several months since the Cascade Blues Association has been able to bring live, in-person monthly meetings to our members and friends due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are now teaming up with Artichoke Music to help remedy this situation, by offering once-a-month live streaming performances from some of our favorite musicians. 

Presented live from Artichoke Music’s home stage, our first musical guests will be 2019 Muddy Award winners for Best New Act, Kim Field & The Perfect Gentlemen. 

Join in and go to the band’s online payment sources (to be announced) to help our local musicians make ends meet during these trying times of limited performance opportunities. 

You can also join or donate to both the Cascade Blues Association and Artichoke Music (both are not-for-profit organizations).