Cascade Blues Association / Artichoke Music  Present Livestream with adam Scramsted

Learning Opportunities Through Artichoke Music

Not only has Artichoke Music teamed up with the Cascade Blues Association to help bring live entertainment once a month to our members, they also offer a wide and diverse selection of educational classes in various genres and instrumentation. Renowned instructors such as blues musicians Anne Weiss and Steve Cheseborough are among those with streaming classes as well as folk legend Tom May and guitarist Adrian Martin. Check out their website for a complete listing of all current classes available.

Here are what is currently being offered by Anne and Steve:

Anne Weiss:

Sing More Better and Feel More Better!

This is a class for people who love to sing and would like to get better at it! — Anne Weiss, creator of “The Everyone Welcome Community Choir” and “Singing for the Vocally Challenged,” is premiering a new Zoom format that incorporates the essence of those participatory, learning experiences with her new class, “Sing More Better.” Taught in the oral tradition, we’ll use sing-along and call and response formats with easy, fun songs from around the world to help you learn breath control, pitch, harmony, new repertoire and lift our spirits while we are lifting our voices!

Getting Ready for the Blues

ALL LEVELS! All Instruments–In this class we’ll take on a new song every week, listen carefully together and figure out what to work on and how to work on it to become a better blues player! You’ll be sent a nice, slow, clean recording of each song (by yours truly) plus chords and lyrics to work out your part, whether that is rhythm or bass guitar, keyboards, guitar/bass/horn/harmonica/etc solo, vocals or vocal harmony, and then you’ll have the opportunity to share what you have come up with the group (ie, short “zoom” performance) if you choose,  and get support on how to be an ever-better-blues-player. This class will help you to emerge blues-player prepared for the post-Covid days to come!

Steve Cheseborough:

Blues Harp from the Heart

Blues harp from the heart — Playing the harmonica really does strengthen your abs and improve your breathing. Probably the only instrument you play by inhaling, it is magical and mystical. Also, it’s one of the most affordable, portable and intimate of instruments, a friend to carry wherever you go. And it is a key element of America’s fabulous musical tradition, the blues. But it ain’t easy! All levels welcome, including beginners, as long as you are willing (and happy) to practice daily. 6 – 6:50 pm Mondays, 6 weeks, $100. Steve Cheseborough, instructor.

Blues in Spanish Tuning

Blues in Spanish tuning — We’ll sing in English but play in Spanish tuning (a favorite of Muddy Waters, RL Burnside, Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards and many others). For guitarists of any level who love the blues and like to practice every day! 7-7:50 pm Mondays, 6 weeks, $100. Steve Cheseborough, instructor. By Zoom for now!

Alberta Rose Theatre Presents Live Duffy Bishop Simulcast

Duffy Bishop – legend of the Northwest blues scene – performs a full band show especially for her Portland fans.
The event will be live streamed by the Alberta Rose Theatre’s Portland Music Stream directly from the Eclipse Studio in St Augustine, Florida. What truly makes this a special event is the fact that this will be the very first full band performance of music from Duffy Bishop’s newest release, I’m Gonna do What I Want, and the band’s first live show since the outbreak of Covid. Chris and Duffy will host a meet and greet.
Tickets for the Live Stream are $20.00, available at
Alberta Rose Theatre, 4:00 pm
CBA Board Important Message

CBA Officers Voting Timeline for 2021 Service Terms

Reminder, all elected positions are voted on each year.

General job descriptions follow below, with a more detailed list for the Treasurer position.

*****As Greg noted in his “Ramblings” we have a critical need for a Treasurer

By 11/5-Intent to Run, bio due to Greg include qualifications, send email to

11/9-11/30 Online Membership voting

12/1 Winners will be announced in the Membership email blast and on the CBA website


From the CBA ByLaws

7.3     President. The President shall supervise and direct the business of the corporation. In addition, the President shall preside at meetings of the Members and of the Board of Directors.  The President has the right to make Executive decisions only in situations where the board is deadlocked on a decision. Such decisions will be communicated to the Board via email in a timely manner.  

7.4     Vice President. In the absence of the President or as occasionally designated by the President or Board of Directors, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. The Vice President will act as counsel to the President when Executive decisions are deemed necessary. 

7.5     Secretary. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Membership and Board of Directors, see that all notices are given in accordance with these Bylaws as required by law, and be custodian of the corporate records. The Secretary shall maintain a list of all generally authorized CBA activities. The Secretary will distribute the monthly meeting minutes to the Board of Directors within 1 week after the monthly meeting.  The minutes will also be stored in a shared location so that backup copies are securely maintained.  The Secretary will also be responsible for creating and distributing the agenda for each monthly meeting at least 24 hours before the date of said meeting.  

7.6     Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary shall keep the Membership roster current and accurate.  This includes sending out membership cards to all new and renewed members, sending notices to members when membership is about to expire, providing the membership mailing list to the Editor of the Blues Notes so that members receive their newsletter. The Membership Secretary (or their designee) is encouraged to be at the monthly meetings to enroll new members, provide membership cards and update the roster.  This membership roster should be up to date and accurate and include all contact information – address, email, and phone as well as any volunteer interests.  The Membership secretary will be responsible for managing the member database and providing current membership lists to be used at key member meetings such as the picnic, the Muddy Awards, the Holiday party and any other events that will require checking membership status.  The Corporation will provide the Membership Secretary with a laptop and other tools in order for them to do their job effectively.  Since electronic payment is a vehicle that will be used to join the Corporation, the Membership Secretary will be required to monitor electronic submissions and enroll new members promptly upon application submission.  New members and renewing members should receive their authorized Membership cards no later than 1 month after their submission to join or renew.  The Membership Secretary is also responsible for backing up and safely securing all membership data.  

7.7     Treasurer. The Treasurer shall have charge of, custody of and control of all funds of the corporation, shall give and receive monies payable and due to the Corporation from any sources and deposit such money in the name of the Corporation in such banks as may be selected in accordance with these Bylaws. The Treasurer shall maintain a list of generally authorized monetary expenditures approved by the Board. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all financial records, invoices and receipts of the Corporation. The Treasurer shall provide a financial status report to the Board each month which includes all financial transactions of the Corporation.  After each meeting of the membership the Treasurer will count and record monies to be deposited.  This report shall also be stored electronically in a shared location 

Additional details for the Treasurer

Board Position:  Treasurer 

Treasurer is in charge of providing detailed accounting of all funds received and paid out for the organization.  Funds are paid by the treasurer.   

Programs used:  Word, Email, Quickbooks

Approximate average time spend per month:  15 – 20 hours 

Basic Duties:   

  • Pick up mail at Post Office Box weekly
  • Track & keep balances in Bulk Mail Account, Postage Due Account
  • Receive Membership by mail funds & report them to Membership Secretary
  • Receive Blues Notes payments & report them to Blues Notes Editor.  Keep listing of all payments & check them monthly with Editors listing.  Make Copy of all checks for payment reference
  • Responsible for monthly checks: including Rent, Blues Notes Editor, Printer, Webmaster
  • Responsible for yearly expenses:  Insurance, PO Box, Blues Foundation.  Supply copies of these when necessary for events
  • Accounting for Events & merchandise to Board on Monthly Report.  Receive & pay funds at monthly meetings & events.
  • IRS Taxes, Oregon Department of Justice CT-12 filing, State of Oregon Business Renewal
  • Deposit funds in Bank Accounts.  Funds may be deposited into the organizations accounts by another Board member
  • Provide Board with detailed written monthly accounting of all funding activity
  • Keep Board member listing current with the State of Oregon




The Lucky Losers

Catfish Lou’s Welcomes The Lucky Losers 

Phil Berkowitz and Cathy Lemons, better known as The Lucky Losers, return to Catfish Lou’s for the club’s official first touring event since the onset of Covid-19. The Bay Area duo showcases great harmonica and enchanting harmonies, as they place their own personal touches on an inventive, hypnotic, spin on ‘60s Chicago blues, vintage R&B, and roots music. 2019 winners of the Independent Blues Awards for Best Blues/Soul Artist, they are currently promoting their excellent latest release, Godless Land, recorded at the famed Greaseland Studios and featuring assistance from the likes of Kid Andersen and Laura Chavez. 

Catfish Lou’s, 6540 SW Fallbrook Pl, Beaverton. Friday, October 2, 7:00 pm. $15.00 reserved seating 21 & over. 

Catfish Lou's Reopens!

Catfish Lou’s Reopens!

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.” ~Elton John

Music is magical and powerful. It brings us together, heals our hearts, and enables us to express our feelings. From the time I was little, music filled our house, travelled with us in our car, and stayed with us in our hearts. I couldn’t (still can’t) play an instrument to save my life, so I created playlists of my favorite artists for each celebration, broken heart, or road trip. I could always find the perfect theme song to express every emotion from joy to sorrow. Because music helps us feel and it’s as simple as that.

We are all feeling a lot right now. That’s why we want to bring the music back, as safely as possible, to our stages and to our friends. We want to take everyone, ourselves included, out of our heads for a while and into a positive space.

We have worked hard to create a unique experience that will be both intimate and physically distanced!

To protect you and our staff, we’ve moved our shows to our 5,000 sq. ft. event space, doubled the size of the stage, and limited every show to 13 tables of 4 seats each. We want you to relax and take a load off, so to reduce the handling of food, our guest chefs will be taking pre-orders and we will deliver them to your table!

Though the guidelines mean the dance floor is closed, you are welcome and encouraged to dance around your table!

In the past, we’ve seated strangers together and it’s been a great way to make new friends, but in this new phase of shows, we will only seat you with a group if you purchase tickets together. So, book a block of four and encourage your friends to come out for a change of pace.

Please check out our events page on Facebook and purchase your tickets at We look forward to seeing you soon.


Please make the best efforts to arrive as a complete party.  Seating complete parties will significantly decrease the number of people that we will have to escort to their tables.

Abide by the posted signs, social distancing markers, and walking paths.

**Wear your masks upon entry & while walking around the establishment. They do not need to be worn while at your table.**

Take a load off! All food & drink will be ordered and delivered to the table, to minimize the number of people walking around.

Distance Responsibly & Respect other people’s differing comfort levels with social interaction.

Restrooms are limited to five people at a time. There is plenty of room for distancing while waiting in the hallway.

At the end of the show, tables will be released to exit the building by table number to avoid congestion. Please wait for your table number to be called.

We understand that people are still adapting to the new social standards and that mistakes will be made, but blatant disregard for the rules will not be tolerated.

Please help us make all events as safe as possible, so if you see something wrong please let us know.

Lloyd Jones - Tennessee Run - VizzTone

Lloyd Jones 

Tennessee Run

Review by Greg Johnson 

Lloyd Jones has been a frequent guest on Delbert McClinton’s Sandy Beaches cruises over the years, and has made some awfully important friends on these trips. One of those is keyboardist Kevin McKendree, who has performed with a literal who’s who in the music scene, is a renowned songwriter and also owns one of the very best recording studios in Tennessee. So when offering Lloyd the opportunity to record his latest tracks at Rock House Studio in Franklin, he made the run to Tennessee and laid down some of the finest music of his career. 

Lloyd describes his music as “Swampified Americana,” transversing the American musical landscape from Memphis to New Orleans, Nashville, the Delta and Portland. It is filled with Lloyd’s soulful vocals, spot-on guitar work and lyrics that are catchy, fun and heartfelt. It doesn’t hurt that the album also features a number of the very best musicians from Music City, many from McClinton’s band. Delbert makes a guest appearance as does Teresa James, and Gary Nicholson adds his pen to the composition “Bayou Boys,” co-written with McClinton and Lloyd. Lloyd’s longtime Portland fans will be thrilled to see the inclusion of Reinhard Melz on percussion, LaRhonda Steele on backup vocals and horn charts for the song “A True Love Never Dies” by the late Glenn Holstrom. 

The fun on this album never lets up. From the upbeat first track, “You Got Me Good,” followed by the equally bouncy “Me & You” there isn’t a moment of pace change until you reach “A True Love Never Dies.” Funkiness prevails on numbers like “Bayou Boys” and “Dilly Dally.” And on “Where’s My Phone?” humor takes center stage as he searches for his lost cellphone, only to locate it in the last place he’d imagine – come on, we’ve all been through this experience ourselves, admit it. 

In a career that has spanned 50 years, Lloyd Jones proves once again that he is one of Portland’s masters of blues and R&B, soulful to the core with a guitar style that punctuates his music, giving it that instant recognition. Why he isn’t far better known throughout the world is a crime. With this release on a major blues label, VizzTone, perhaps the time is here to turn around that wrong. Outstanding album, Tennessee Run is going to play through your mind for a long time to come. 

Total Time: 44:47 

You Got Me Good / Me & You / I Wish I Could Remember Loving You / Where’s My Phone? / A True Love Never Dies / Bayou Boys / Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool / Turn Me Loose / That’s All I Want / Love Is Everything / Chicken Bones / Every Time We Meet / Dilly Dally / Chevrolet Angel 


Oregon Wildfire Sale

Oregon Wildfire Sale Supported by your CBA

Recent fires changed the lives of our community forever.

Help those who lost so much. Donate items or buy. Proceeds go to a non-profit fire fund.


Fire victims shop for free!

Bring ID/proof of recent address.


Oregon City (Location to be announced. Masks required).


TO DONATE: Location will be open for donation drop-off October 30th, noon-8pm.

Items need to be in good condition.

Contact Shelley Garrett at



Contact Shelley Garrett at




Contact Rae at

A Oregon City Lions Club service project with support from

The Cascade Blues Association (



New Music to Note-September 2021

New Music Releases October 2020

There is so much good music out there. To help sort through it, we recommend starting here. 

 Alastair Greene – The New World Blues (Whiskey Bayou Records) 

Bette Smith – The Good, The Bad, The Bette (Ruf Records) 

Bettye LaVette – Blackbirds (Verve) 

Bobby Rush – Rawer Than Raw (Deep Rush Records) 

Fiona Boyes – Blues In My Heart (Blue Empress Records) 

Georg Schroeter / Marc Breitfelder Band – Corona Lockdown Studio Blues (Knodl Records) 

John Nemeth – Stronger Than Strong (Nola Blue) 

Johnny Nicholas – Mistaken Identity (Valcour) 

Justin Howl – Wanderlust (Self Release) 

JT Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters – Blue Eyed Soul Vol. 2 (Hunters Records) 

Lloyd Jones – Tennessee Run (VizzTone) 

Lonesome Shack – Desert Dreams (Alive Records) 

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters – Rise Up (Stony Plain) 

Steven Torch – Leftovers (Self) 

Vanessa Collier – Heart On The Line (Phenix Fire Records) 

Walter Trout – Ordinary Madness – (Provogue) 


October 2020 cancelled

General Membership Meeting October 2020

Please be advised that at this time all of our General Membership meetings are on hold. They will continue once we’re able to safely gather in a location that can provide enough space for all with proper separation for social distancing. Most of all we want our members, musicians, volunteers, sound crew and venue personnel to feel comfortable and safe. We miss being able to spend time with you and to bring you the music we all love and crave. It will be back. We just need to practice patience in the meantime. Thank you for understanding. 

Ramblings On My Mind-March 2021

Ramblings On My Mind – October 2020

Greg Johnson, CBA President 

We may as well face it. 2020 is pretty much finished when it comes to the Cascade Blues Association being able to hold any meetings or events. As Portland continues to be held in phase one of the Covid shutdowns, we simply are unable to hold gatherings in an atmosphere where we can bring in the numbers of attendees that we’re used to and to make it financially feasible to do so.  

Events like the Muddy Awards and our annual Holiday Party normally bring in well over 100 people; the Muddys usually are close to sell-out events since we moved to the Alberta Rose Theatre, which in itself is still closed to holding attended events. Venues like The Moose Lodge, where we hold the Holiday Party, or The Eagles, where we have held our meetings, are under different restrictions because they are not considered full-time restaurants and gatherings must remain much smaller under the guidelines. 

Without being able to meet or hold events it also means that our funds have dried up other than memberships retained. Events like the Muddys and the Holiday Party are very expensive to put on and it would be very negligible for us to try to have them without the income coming in at this time, even if we were able. We would definitely try to at least hold the Holiday Party if we were able, as the venue expense is not a part of the location being donated to us. All we can at this point is to hope that 2021 sees a turnaround and we’re able to start up our normal activities once again. 

That doesn’t mean that the CBA wasn’t active during the shutdown period. We collaborated with the Portland Parks & Recreation to provide live music for the Kids Lunch Program. Though this was limited to only the kids and families picking up the lunches, it did mean paid performances for the musicians. We had about 10 of these and planned on doing evening events where the public would’ve been invited, but the city shut down the events for the parks. We had no control over this decision and had several acts lined up for these shows. The funds had been raised through an online campaign supplied by donations. These donations were distributed to the acts who were scheduled, but  unable to play. 

Also with the shutdown on the pandemic, we have seen the loss of many people. Not all were victims of the pandemic, but their loss doesn’t hurt any less. One of those we had to say goodbye to was our good friend Jay Lawhon. Jay ran the sound company JBL Sound that we have used for many years at our meetings and events. He was a main part of many festivals and shows that you have attended, supplying that perfect sound for events like the Waterfront Blues Festival, Bronze Blues & Brews, the Gorge Blues & Brews and so many more. Without Jay and his team, our CBA Anniversary shows, the picnics, Journey to Memphis competition, Holiday Party and many of the Muddy Awards would never have come across at all. Jay was somebody I always relied on; if anything was not going right, my production mode persona would come close to panic. But Jay was always there to make things work right and help calm my nerves. It’s tough to try to replace somebody like that. You simply can’t. There are hardly enough words to say how much we will miss Jay Lawhon. 

It is also with a deep heartache that I have to announce that Merry Larsen has decided to step down from her position of Treasurer. As with many of us, trying to juggle personal life while volunteering for what could  be seen as a full-time position is not an easy task, and after a time it can become a burden. Merry has given the CBA many years in not only the Treasurer position, but on the board as an at-large member — not once, but twice during the many years we have operated. Merry may be stepping down from her full-time position, but she plans on helping the CBA as a volunteer for any events or programs she may be able to fill in. So, it’s not goodbye as we will definitely see her helping the CBA and working backstage at the Waterfront Blues Festival. We lovingly wish her nothing but happiness and success. Thank you, Merry, for all you have accomplished as part of the CBA.  

With that, we wish that whoever may wish to help with the CBA Board of Directors to give it some thought and let any of our officers know of your interest. We have not had any meetings for some time in person due to the shutdown and many of us are not open to meeting indoors just yet. But we will be getting back together soon and need qualified individuals wanting to give their time and help. Please note that if you are interested in a position such as the Treasurer role, you should have knowledge of financial accounting and tax preparation. 

A huge thanks go out to all of our current Board Members. Times have been hard and running the business online is not always the easiest, either. They have continued to keep up and to have open minds to how we might be able to help our music community and keep our organization alive and vital. Bear with us, things will turn around eventually and we will be there for our members, musicians and venues once again. Thanks go out to every one of you for your continued support.