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Lloyd “Have Mercy” Breaking News!

Lucky as can be this month, and honored to returning to Denmark, I will play a series of concerts with good friends “Shaky Ground”!! (see website for details)

Last time we toured together in Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany and Luxemburg in 2016. The last concert was with Robert Cray Band as headliner. Dover, Robert, Richard Cousins and I had a great hang, with Dover and I playing back home in Portland 48 hours later! Small world. This will be my sixth tour with “Shaky Ground” so we’re becoming a solid unit bringing this swampified funky blues across the pond April 8-21.

Returning home just in time to celebrate my 1,000th birthday (for the third time) with the “Big Bayou Birthday Bash” at Catfish Lou’s April 27, featuring special guests Steve Kerin (from New Orleans) on piano and Mark Shark (slide guitar master) along with tons of surprise guests! Tell your friends there will be cake and balloons too!!

Lloyd “Have Mercy” Jones


Dark Tales From The Road
Volume 1, Number 3

This is a story that involves layers of place, time and person so stay with me as I travel across the country, and across the years, and unravel the layers.

I left Georgia in 1985 after living there for sixteen years and headed to the midwest, landing in Lincoln, NE.  I knew I would be returning to Georgia frequently, and did over the years and continue to do so, as I continue to have family there.  I lived in Lincoln for thirty years before moving to Portland.  I was sure I would never be returning to Lincoln as all of my family from there had long since left there.

Playing in bands has been a part of my life since my days in Georgia. I played my very first gig there.  So when I moved to Lincoln I found like-minded musicians and began playing in bands.  In 1991 I hooked up with a harmonica player and founded my first blues band. That band recorded two albums and found moderate success playing gigs throughout the region right up until I moved to Portland in 2015.  During all those successful years with that band I attempted to convince the band members that we should hit the road to Georgia. After all, I still had lots of contacts there and could find us places to book into and, with all the family and friends I still had there, we could draw a crowd. And while they thought that would be an interesting journey to make, there were just too many things working against us for that to happen (fulltime jobs, raising families, cost of travel, etc.)  I continued to raise that idea right up until I left Lincoln for Portland but we never made that trip.

One of the lessons I’ve learned over the years from my musician friends who are “road dogs” is that sometimes you have to travel with only as much of the band as you can afford to bring with you and find other players to fill in when you get there.

Do you see where this is going?

I have a son that lives outside of Atlanta and is a bass player and has been playing in bands for twenty five years. He and a drummer friend of his will be joining me on May 18th to play at Fat Matt’s Rib Shack in Atlanta and on May 19th at Buffington’s in Milledgeville, Georgia.  We will be joined at both of those gigs by the harmonica player that represented The Atlanta Blues Society at this year’s International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Then in October, my band from here in Portland will be flying to Georgia to headline a festival.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Many of you know my friend and bandmate, Dave “Shakey Dizz” Wagner who moved here from Lincoln, NE a little over a year ago.  Dave and I spent decades playing in bands together in Lincoln. So, as is the tradition in our band, we often talked about putting together a roadtrip for our band to go back to and play some of our old haunts in Lincoln.

Myself, Dave, Ashbolt Stewart and Ray Beltran will be hitting the road in June to play a series of gigs in Nebraska. On June 13th we’ll be at The Peacock Lounge in Grand Island, NE, on June 14t we’ll be at The Chrome Lounge in Omaha, NE, on June 15th we will be playing the early show at The Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NE and a 9:00show at The Havana Garage in Omaha, NE, on June 16th we’ll be at The Havana Garage in Omaha, and on June 17th we’ll be at Micek’s Bar in Columbus, NE. Mitch Kashmar will be joining us for the shows at The Chrome, Lounge, The Zoo Bar, and the Friday show at The Havana Garage.

Patience and persistence.

Harvey Brindell & The Tablerockers

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David Kahl, Soul Cookin’, the Bayou Boyz, and More

Things have changed up a lot in the last few weeks. After Jan DeLorme, owner of Blackwell’s passed away, Soul Cookin’ and the Bayou Boyz needed to shift gear. Fortunately, a couple of venues stepped in to fill the void.

Wednesday nights has Soul Cookin’ playing Spirits Pub at 4037 NE Cully Blvd. It’s a cool room, really diverse clientele, and already feels like home. The gig, featuring Lloyd Jones, Brian Foxworth, me (David Kahl), and either Dover Weinberg, Steve Kerin, or Louis Pain, along with special guests sitting in, goes from 8:30-11:30 pm. Check out the menu, patio, or one of their reasonably priced beverages. It’s all good.

Mondays have a new night and a new home for the Bayou Boyz. Incidentally, since AC Porter and the Livewires have played the last of their successful series of Tuesdays at Blue Diamond, the timing was perfect for them to move things to the same venue. The Mekong Bistro, 8200 NE Siskiyou, is a spacious, yet intimate room, featuring a full bar and incredible Cambodian cuisine. There is a stage, sound system, great seating and sight lines, and ample dance space that won’t block the view. There’s also a huge parking lot and easy access to and from I-84.

The hours on both nights at Mekong Bistro are 7:30-10:30 pm, late enough to rest from the day, get a bite to eat, and get home at a decent hour. No cover either night.

On a personal note, Lynn and I, along with daughter, Cassandra, want to thank everyone for the wonderful outpouring of love at the celebration of our wedding vows. We’re good for another 30 years.

Lastly, I’d love for you to pay attention to the work of the Creative Community Cooperative Project, an idea I had to provide equity for working-class creatives living in Portland. Through this project, we hope to be able to keep them living – and thriving – in this great city. We’ve garnered enough support that we are a proper organization, now certified as a 501 c 3 public charity organization. It has been hard getting here, but now the real work commences. Be prepared. We’re likely to ask you for something big, but it’ll be worth it.

David Kahl 

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Steve Cheseborough
Hello All!
I’m back in Portland after a long trip to Charleston, S.C., over the holidays. Played a few shows, taught a workshop, visited friends and family. And shivered in the sunny south—I got stuck there three days longer than I planned, due to a snow and ice storm that shut down the airport.
I’m looking forward to playing a concert 8-10 p.m. Feb. 10 at the new Artichoke Music, 2007 SE Powell. Being in that wonderful listening room will give me a chance to tell stories, answer questions, engage the audience more than is usually possible at a pub, restaurant or outdoor event. Come on by for some 1920’s to 30’s-style blues and a little ragtime, with a side of stories and history.
Yes, although I’m a dyed-in-the-wool blues performer, I actually cut my teeth playing instrumental ragtime pieces. And it’s time to dust some of those off, since I’m a featured performer at the Templeton Ragtime and Jazz Festival, March 22-24 at Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi. They invited me because they want to introduce some early blues to go with the early jazz and ragtime. But little do they know I’m going to slip in a few ragtime guitar numbers, too. You’ll get a preview of that at the Artichoke concert.
And if pubs or restaurants are more your style, come hear me at my regular shows 7-9:30 p.m. Thursdays at EaT: an Oyster Bar, 3808 N Williams, and 4-6 p.m. Sundays at Upright Brewing, 240 N Broadway. Cheers!
Steve Cheseborough

Harvey Brindell

Dark Tales From The Road
Volume 1, Number 2

Harvey Brindell

In 1993 we released our first album on the “-ism” label. It was selling in local record stores and we were selling it from the bandstand. Sales were pretty good but the real benefit was not the sales per se but rather the added bookings the band was able to get as a result of having a CD on a record label and actually having a professionally produced album to send out with our promo kit to club owners. We were able to book into regional blues clubs that were stops for many of the national acts coming through the area. Suddenly we were playing Des Moines, Topeka, Kansas City, Raid City, Omaha, and were getting increased local bookings.

We booked into a blues club in South Sioux City. It was a place we had never been before and didn’t know if we could get much of a crowd. We did know that they were doing national blues acts. We arrive about 7:30 for a 9:00 gig. The place was in the middle of a dark, cold industrial part of town, We pulled up in front of the place and a couple of us jumped out of the van to go inside and find out where we should load in. As we walked in the front door we were stunned to find a packed room waiting for us to arrive. Standing room only!

We started on time to an enthusiastic crowd that danced, hollered, and jumped around for the whole first set. We played for an hour and took a break. As we stepped down we told the crowd that we were taking a short break but had two more sets of live blues for them. We all stepped out the back door to have a smoke. After about fifteen minutes we decided it was time to go back in. We walked in the back door and found an empty room, save the bartender and one guy sitting by himself at the end of the bar. He yelled out “can you guys play Red House.” When we told him we didn’t play that song he said “well okay, I gotta go home anyway” and left.

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Harvey Brindell
Dark Tale From The Road
Volume 1, Number 1
Back in the early 90s I was playing in a band based in Lincoln, NE. This was during a time when the club scene in the midwest was strong and blues was drawing great crowds.
Back in those days, because there was no social media, you had to do your booking either face to face or by phone. We booked a gig in Hastings, NE about ninety miles up the road from Lincoln. After sending a demo through the mail to the club owner I called him. After we agreed to a date and price he told me that he wanted at least a dozen posters to hang in his club. I agreed to get them out to him ASAP and I did.
We played the first set to kind of a light crowd. During the break I was talking with the bartender and mentioned it was kind of a light turnout and asked if the club owner had done any local advertising. He said he wasn’t sure if he had. I also mentioned that I had sent a dozen posters as the club owner had requested but hadn’t noticed any of the posters hanging anywhere in the club. The bartender told me I must have missed the one hanging right inside the front door. I walked over to the front door. There was a bulletin board that was about three feet high and five feet wide hanging on the wall right inside the front door. The only thing on the bulletin board was a piece of paper curled up like a scroll around one thumb tack stuck right in the middle of the piece of paper. I unscrolled the piece of paper and sure enough, there was our poster.
Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles Harvey will be writing regarding his experiences on the road as a musician.

Rich Layton & The Troublemakers

Hey, y’all! It’s Rich here with a huge thank you to the CBA membership for my Muddy Award nomination (and your votes). I was honored to be included with fellow harp players Franco Paletta and award winner Mitch Kashmar. My lifelong journey with the “Mississippi saxophone” has spanned rock and roll, folk, country and the blues – but it’s all soul music to me!

I’m also grateful to The Rae Gordon Band for the honor of playing on the title track of their Muddy Award winning album, “Better Than I Was.”

I want to let you know about a couple of holiday shows we do each year that have become a great way to celebrate with dear friends before the family obligations kick in. On the Friday before Christmas, Dec. 22nd, we’re at Catfish Lou’s stirring up a little “Trouble in Tinsel Town.” On Saturday, Dec. 30th, we celebrate “The Eve of The Eve” at McMenimans Rock Creek Tavern. Grab a table by the roaring fireplace while we dig deep into into our Texas Roadhouse song catalog. Hope to see you and one or both of these holiday throw-downs.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from me, Larry McCoy (guitar), Eric “Haus” Krabbenhoft (bass) and Troy Stutzman (drums)… Peace and good cheer, everybody!

Bandstand - Bandstand from Froggy - Bandstand - Lloyd Jones

Don Shultz

Hello Blues fans!

On the continuance of the Sunday evening Blues saga at The Blue Diamond, 2016 NE Sandy Blvd….

October brings us a change of seasons, and also some new special guests as we hold down the fort until Kevin Selfe returns the first Sunday in November. I am pleased to announce five special guests for October: 10/1 AC Porter; 10/8 Ken Willie Scandlyn (Shemekia Copeland) with Mitch Kashmar (War); 10/15 Doug Rowell; 10/22 Ben Rice; AND Terry Robb 10/29!

That’s right, 5 Sundays in October! I feel fortunate to be able to share the stage with these accomplished musicians. We have Timmer Blakely on bass, Dennis Lusk on keyboards, and yours truly on drums. House band at 6 PM, jam starts at 7 PM and goes until 9 PM. Bring your axe, sticks, penny-whistle, or whatever and have some fun! The Blue Diamond has wonderful staff, yummy food, a really cool vibe, and NO COVER CHARGE.

I want to thank everyone for supporting this venue and live music. See you there!

Don Shultz


Ashbolt Stewart

Ashbolt Stewart will be celebrating his 68th birthday in the usual fashion … by throwing a jam party. His birthday happens on Saturday, October 21, but the party will take place at the regular Sunday night jam on the 22nd at Montavilla Station. Everybody is invited to come down and take part in the music, dancing or just having a good time! Ashbolt has been working hard for all of us behind the drums all these years: 10 years with Norman Sylvester, 16 years leading Bolt Upright, 6-1/2 years running the Montavilla jam, plus recording a great CD Beats Workin at Kid Andersen’s Greaseland Studio (which will be available that night for only $5 a copy) . . .  and he has no intention of letting up anytime soon. Come on down and party with Ash. It just doesn’t get any better!!

Bandstand - Bandstand from Froggy - Bandstand - Lloyd Jones

Lloyd “Have Mercy” Jones

Looky Here Blues Fans!

With exotic summer touring from Italy to Alaska, LaRhonda Steele and Lloyd “Have Mercy” Jones will join forces for a Spectacular Double Show/Concert Saturday September 23rd at Portlands “loveable” Catfish Lou’s Lounge, restaurant, and dance emporium (2460 NE 24th , PDX)!!!  LaRhonda will be featured early in the evening singing songs from her latest recording and the Join “The Lloyd Jones Struggle” for delightful collaboration! Don’t miss this first appearance back home for both artists since the Waterfront Blues Fest. We sold the place out back in April, so get your tickets early!! (503-309-1203)

BTW – Speaking of Catfish Lou’s, I would like to mention our new Thursday night music creation of “The Swamp –O- Phonics” w/ Mark Shark (Slide Guitar, Mandolin, mastery of open tunings, and vocals), Carlton Jackson (Drums and occasional vocals), Lloyd Jones (vocals, multitude of exotic guitars, magic new songs, stories of the known and unknown universe). The first few weeks we will host special traveling artists. The first will be the spectacular and big-time Delta Groove recording artist favorite of mine… the beloved… TERRY HANCK!!! That’s Thursday September 7th.

Lloyd “Have Mercy” Jones


David Kahl – Soul Cookin’, Bayou Boyz, and Other News

Well now, it looks like we survived the Summer and are readying ourselves for a lively Fall. For me, this has been a season of transitions and, difficult though they were, I’ve been lucky to have all manner of support from too many of you to list.

At the beginning of the season, my muse and the love of my life, Lynn Marie, went into Cornerstone, a skilled nursing facility that is, truly, a blessing. I am thankful for the loving care and attention they provide, allowing me to play my gigs without worry. Gratitude also goes out to Duffy Bishop, Chris Carlson, Mitch Kashmar, and many others who have visited Lynn and made the transition easier. I’ve also been able to address my own, long neglected health issues and, so far, it looks good.

Sad to say that, because of these issues, I had to say goodbye to playing with Ty Curtis, my last gig being on a high note, at Waterfront Blues Festival, with him and Robbie Laws. Fortunately, I had plenty of good distractions at Hotel Rose – the series there was as successful as could be, with United By Music North America “Blues Brunch”, Happy Hour Acoustic Series, and “Midnight Rose: Hotel Rose After Dark”, this year hosted by the Bayou Boyz and special guests. Thanks to all who contributed to making this a memorable year.

Keeping my eyes on the musical prize, I was blessed to have the support of many musical friends – Boyd Small’s Blues Allstars, Robbie Laws, and, on a weekly basis, Soul Cookin’ and the Bayou Boyz. These last two keep the juices and the chops in good form. Those who know me best know that the joy of playing is not found in just filling out the calendar, but in the spirit of communion, camaraderie, and community that is provided. What’s been greatest about our Sunday evenings and Wednesday nights has been how the musical family has grown. The core – Brian Foxworth, Don Worth, Lloyd Jones, Mark “Shark” Schatzkamer, Steve Kerin, Dover Weinberg, and Louis Pain – has been augmented and enhanced by others – Jesse Lee Young, Paul Brainard, Pete Moss, Les Hutchinson, Karen Lovely, Kris Deelane, Peter Dammann, and others. You are all the pillars of my strength.

With this said, there’s more. A year ago, I had an idea that is now becoming a reality. The Creative Community Cooperative Project is a proposal for creating equity for working-class creatives. We’re an Oregon registered non-profit, now on our way to certified 501(c)3 status. It’s a model for building high impact, small footprint cultural communities that provide living and work space, performance and exhibition venues, and a range of human services for artists and artisans trying to survive in this city. The vision is for this developing into a network of such cultural safe spaces and, already, we’ve got interest from places as far away as Austin, New Orleans, and even Missoula, Montana. Be prepared. By year’s end, you’re going to be asked for some sort of support and involvement. You won’t be sorry to step in. There’s a lot of work, but it’s parsed out in easily attainable bits. You, my friends, are the agents for the change that you want to see and I am blessed to have you with me. More to come.


David Kahl 


Don Shultz

Hello Blues Lovers!

The Sunday night blues jam continues at The Blue Diamond! This fine venue is located at 2016 NE Sandy Blvd in Portland.

Festivities begin at 6 PM with a set by the host band, then the jam goes until 9 PM. I will be taking over with help from my friend the very talented Timmer Blakely who will be filling in for Allen Markel on bass while Allen is on tour with the Sugar Ray Rayford band.  We also are very fortunate to have Dennis Lusk on keyboards!

September’s special guest line up will be:

9/3 a very special mystery guest to be announced, 9/10 Dover Weinberg (Robert Cray Band) and Mitch Kashmar, 9/17 Whit Draper and Mitch Kashmar, 9/24 Ken Brewer. Stay tuned for upcoming guests as I’ve got some new candidates to add to the mix. It’s been such a blast to get to play music with some of Portland’s finest blues musicians and I’m excited about what’s to come!

Please come on out and support live music at The Blue Diamond, they have a great staff, yummy food, and support our local music scene by having live music 7 nights a week!

Don Shultz


Harvey Brindell & The Tablerockers
July was the busiest month that I have ever had as a musician. It seemed to be an endless road from one gig to another. No complaints, we love what we do. I want to thank my bandmates, Dave Wagner, Ray Beltran and Ashbolt Stewart, for the long hours they were willing to put into traveling to gigs and playing. I also want to thank the musicians who were willing to step up and fill in when the need arose. Thanks to Jon Barber, Boyd Small, Shane Hall (who was a bandmate back in Lincoln, NE, 20 plus years ago), and Dennis Lusk.
August appears to be building as a busy month also but with a little more time to rest between gigs and catch up on other things. I want to give a shout out and thanks in advance to the musicians that have agreed to help us out in August including Mitch Kashmar, Rob Shoemaker, and Shane Hall. And to all the owners of the venues that have hired us and continue to support blues music, thank you.
I also want to mention that I have been told by several people that they have attempted to contact me via email and their messages bounced back. Because this has been an ongoing problem I will switch to my gmail address for all email contact going forward.
So please send all email to If you send email to other addresses I may or may not get them. Thanks to the blues community for your support.
Harvey Brindell


The Tornadoes (AKA – ‘A Selfless Act’)
Hello Blues lovers! Just a note to say thank you to our loyal fans and blues jammers!

Allen Markel and I (Don Shultz) have been holding down the fort along with our special guest musicians while our fearless leader Kevin Selfe is away. We appreciate your continued support and patronage of this fine venue, The Blue Diamond. I am excited about July’s special guest line-up as we will have Kevin Selfe back on 7/2, then Ken Brewer on 7/9, AC Porter,on 7/16, Ben Rice on 7/23, and Doug Rowell on 7/30. We are looking forward to seeing you there on Sundays from 6 to 9 PM!

Lisa Mann
Hey blues peeps!  Lisa Mann here, letting you know what’s up for July.  I’m looking forward to playing in a bunch of showcases this Waterfront Blues Fest, including the Sail on Sister Cruise, with Sonny Hess and the incredible Claudette King.  She’s BB King’s youngest daughter, and she is keeping his musical talent alive and well into the future.  Be sure and get tickets to at least one of the Delta Music Experience cruises, you’ll appreciate the camaraderie AND the air conditioning.  Money raised on the Blues Cruises will go to the Oregon Food Bank, just the rest of the fest.

Of course there’s musical magic every year, however the Waterfront Blues Fest is also host to some important causes and services.  Visit the Health Net Pavilion for FREE health screenings blood pressure, visual sight, glaucoma, diabetes and hearing.  Caring Ambassadors does Hepatitis testing as part of these screenings, so if you’ve ever wondered if you might have contracted it in the past, get checked!  I have heard personal testimony from folks who have gotten treatment after getting screened at Waterfront.  So take a few minutes out of your fun day to gain some peace of mind.  Also, there will be 12 Step meetings every morning at 11am at the Health Pavilion too.  You can find the Pavilion on the map they hand out at the gate.

My band won’t be appearing at the fest, however we have gigs in Portland, Boise, Salem and more, and will be performing an important fundraiser on Sat July 29th.  Catfish Lou’s is hosting us for their “Play it Forward” campaign, we will be raising funds for Mercy Corps NW’s Reentry Transition Center.  This program helps people transitioning out of the prison system find jobs, housing, drug/alcohol treatment and so much more.  Help give folks a second chance at a new life by joining us!
Happy summer, everybody!

Lisa Mann

I hope everyone has a blast at this year’s Blues Fest! I’ll be working at the massage booth Fri. June 30th 3PM-6:30PM and Monday July 3rd 11AM-3:30PM. Half of your donations go to the Oregon Food Bank!

Also, thanks to all the folks that showed up for the 6th Anniversary of the Bolt Upright Jam at Montavilla Station this past month! Thanks go out to my co-hosts over the years and to all the fantastic jammers/dancers/and blues supporters that continue to show up and partake in our tribal stomp! Montavilla Station, 417 SE 80th, 9PM-1:30AM is the place. I hope we have another 6 years into the future there! Enjoy the summer!

Bottleneck Blues Band
July will be busy month for Bottleneck Blues Band. They are spending the entire month playing shows out of Portland. They start July with a three day run first stopping in Maupin at The Riverside playing in the desert, then journeying on to John’s Alley in Moscow, ID, then reaching their final destination The Wallace, ID Blues Festival where they are a featured act. The band will return to Hood River and perform at one of their favorite venues The River City Saloon which is always a great fun filled evening. Bottleneck is happy to be adding The Cowlitz County Fair to their show list this July 28th. The band has been working hard on the material for their upcoming album Storm Bringer. Currently, some of the new tunes have made it into their live set and have been well received from audiences. Please visit us on line at or come to a show and see Randy Monroe, Franklin Spicer, Nathan Powell and Noah Bell live. Thanks CBA!

Catfish Lous
Catfish Lou’s is celebrating it’s 6-month anniversary in July!  Time goes by quickly when an amazing journey is combined with a ton of fun!

We have met so many great people that I couldn’t begin to name half of them here, but we’d like to send a special thank you to a few people that have been at Catfish Lou’s since the beginning and set a musical foundation from which we have grown.

Robbie Laws & Jolie Clausen play their hearts out every Wednesday and Thursday for our jam sessions.  If you think that jam sessions are only for the artists, then you I recommend you check out the shows that they’ve each put together, and I promise you’ll think differently.  You’ll become a jam-fan like us!  Robbie has a heart of gold, he’s a “hoot”, and this cat can play! In fact, we have a video of him in the kitchen using a whisk as a guitar slide! (Did I mention we like to have fun?!) His weekly sets include everyone from Sheila Wilcoxson, Karen Lovely, and more. Jolie Clausen introduced many musicians to our venue when she, Whit Draper and Newell C. Briggs, began Jolie’s Wednesday Jam. When she picks up those sticks, all the musicians come out of the woodwork to play.  A big thank you to the both of you for bringing us quality music week-after-week and believing in the vision we have for Catfish Lou’s.

Likewise, Terry Robb & Ben Rice have brought a collage of collaborations to the stage every Monday since the beginning.  They sometimes play solo, but often bring a variety of duos and trio to kick the week off with intense, rootsy, bluesy, soulful, jazzy, sounds you won’t hear anywhere else on a Monday night!

Lloyd “Have Mercy” Jones, Norman “Boogie Cat” Sylvester, Andy Stokes, LaRhonda Steele – These are all names you’ll recognize from their decades of creating amazing music Portland metro area.  To borrow a word from Lloyd Jones, it’s SUPER groovy that they are now bringing their awesomeness to Catfish Lou’s.

Recently, Lloyd Jones came to us with the idea of doing a fundraiser for Curtis Salgado.  He’d donate his time and his tip jar (the “love bucket”) and ticket sales.  All we had to do was provide a place for people to gather, great tasting food, and a rocking sound system. No problem on our part. Brilliant, generous and thoughtful on Lloyd’s part. We donated a percentage of sales to the cause and were so impressed by the outpouring of support we thought, “we can do more”. As a result, “Catfish Lou’s Playing It Forward” monthly fundraiser events were launched.  Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for your favorite artists and their charities of choice.

Looking forward to the next six months!

Michelle & Michael
Owners of Catfish Lous

Billy D & The Hoodoos
Hey Everyone.. it’s Billy D & The Hoodoos coming out of Winter Hibernation.. Lo & Behold we’ve got a busy Summer.. The Gorge Fest and Opening Day of The Safeway Waterfront Fest right here in Beautiful NW Oregon in June .. followed by a Trip to Cosmic Santa Fe in July, Walla Walla & Chicago in August &  finally California in Oct.. Pretty Awesome.. also after many years of being our go to guy for Bass & Vocal duties “Dapper” Joe Casimir.. the best I’ve ever worked with is retiring from “full time “ duty with us but will come back once in awhile to help out .. he and his  better 1/2  June Howell also a great singer(Actually two of the kindest and best peeps you can ever hope to meet) will be riding off into as many Sunsets as They Can & enjoying their retirements together.. Thank U Joey!!! His last official show with us will be Saturday Aug 19 @ O’Connors Vault.. so please come out and hang with Joe that night .. truly one of the finest anywhere!!!
Keep Rockin!!!
Billy D

Karen Lovely
I’m sitting here in a van heading north to Canada with 2x BMA Winner “Best Bass” Lisa Mann, her husband bassist Allen Markel, drummer Dave Melyan, and IBC “St Blues” Winner for Best Guitar is driving.

Lisa, Ben, Dave, and I have been talking about what a great time we had at our recent sold out shows in Basel, Switzerland, and how excited we are to be performing together again this weekend.  We are all really stoked to be playing again on the main stage at the Waterfront Blues Festival, Opening Day, 6/30.

Playing with Lisa, Ben, Dave, and guitar player Mark Bowden is a musical experience like no other…

For the past year, we’ve been fortunate to have done a number of shows together…in Arizona, California, Florida, Washington, Switzerland, and best of all, our hometown of Portland, OR.

The collective joy, creative energy, and connectedness of the band, shows. The Cascade Blues Association membership honored us with a “Performance of the Year” award for last year’s Waterfront Festival set.

It was a killer set…and with Special Guest Jim Pugh sitting in on B3 for the last half of the set, it was simply over the top good.

I can’t wait to play with this band again at the 2017 Waterfront Festival.  Joining us this year, will be Joe McCarthy on trumpet, Robert “Lefty” Head on fiddle, and the Lowrider Band’s percussionist Chuk Barber.

What’s especially exciting for me, and songwriting partner, Mark Bowden, is that we’ll be playing some of original material we wrote for my new album Fish Outta Water– which just debuted at #13 on the Billboard Blues Album chart.

See you, June 30th!

You can also catch my band 7/10 at Holliday Park for a free concert, courtesy the City of Portland, and at Catfish Lou’s, the city’s hip new blues club, on July 14th.

Dave Fleschner
Hello Blues Fans,

I’ve played the Blues Festival as a sideman for years with a number of different bands.  I think I first played a noon show with Gary Burford in the late 90’s, then went on to work with Chris Mayther, Kathy Walker, Karen Lovely, Curtis Salgado and Duffy Bishop. I proudly display my Muddy Award in my studio for the year that the Curtis Salgado Band won the Muddy for Best Performance.  I got to back up Phillip Walker, Andrew ‘Junior Boy Jones’ And Sherman Robertson for a Freddie King Tribute (Jimmy Bott and Willie Barber were killing as the rhythm section – Renato Caranto was amazing on Tenor sax). I have to thank the Waterfront Blues Fest for giving me so many great and memorable opportunities to play music over the years.

This year I’m extremely honored to be leading a tribute to Paul Delay.  I played with Paul just a handful of times, but his influence on me and the Portland music world is immeasurable.  His creativity within the genre has been an inspiration for me, and countless other musicians – not only from Portland, but around the world.  We’re going to have a who’s who of killer musicians paying tribute to Paul’s legacy: Andy Stokes, LaRhonda Steele, Saeeda Wright, Lisa Mann, Hank Shreve, Carlton Jackson, Ben Rice, Freddy Trujillo and myself.  Special guest Duffy Bishop will be revisiting a duet that she did with Paul – just a few years ago.  I can’t thank the WBF and Peter Dammann enough for all the work they do to put this amazing festival on – and for inviting me to be a part of it.

I’m excited to be playing a variety of other shows at the blues fest this year as well.  First off, I’ll be playing the DME Blues Brunches with United By Music North America every morning at the Hotel Rose from 11:00 to 1:00.  We have a brand new set of music, made up largely of the music of our guest mentors (from Marcia ball to Keb Mo’), that will showcase styles from the gutter to the swamp, somehow also maintaining a really positive vibe.  Expect some seriously heavy hitters to be showing up as guests at these Delta Music Experience “blues brunches.”

On the 3rd, look out for a special guest appearance from me on a secret stage to be named later.  I played with this band somewhere in Washington a few years ago, and I think they are building a super secret tunnel to the stage from somewhere under a volcano.

On the 4th of July, United by Music will take the stage at Noon, then I’ll do the Paul Delay Tribute at 2:00.  There will be an interview Q&A Session about Paul at 5:00 on the Crossroads stage, and then I finish out the evening with the Duffy Bishop Band.  This band has been playing around the Northwest this month, and I think we’re playing really genuine music.  Duffy sings from her heart, and that inspires all of us to play with the same zeal for life.

I’m grateful to be able to keep company with all these amazing artists, and what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with a big helping of American music.

Thank you all for supporting me and all the great artists in this town.  This American music is what makes America great.

Dave Fleschner


Lloyd “Have Mercy” Jones

Bringing out the “LOVE BUCKET” for our friend and yours… Curtis Salgado.

Curtis had to cut his east coast tour short for an emergency triple bypass heart surgery recently! Due to the fact that he has incurred massive medical bills and can’t work right now to even pay his normal bills, I’d like to invite ya’ll to show your love by coming out to Catfish Lou’s (2460 NW 24th Ave., Portland) Thursday June 8 and putting whatever funds you can afford into the “LOVE BUCKET” for our pal Curtis Salgado. 100% of what you contribute will go directly to him.

Curtis is healing nicely and hoping to be back at work in July. If we can help even a little let’s do it. After all he has made us feel good for a mighty long time.

BTW – I’ve been diggin’ on the new acoustic recording Curt & Alan Hagar just finished…over, and over, and over again. It’s fantastic!

Also, “The All Star Band” playing for you on June 8 will record June 11 as the brainchild of Boyd Small & Willy Barber. Such guests as Louis Pain, Peter Dammann, Big Monti and myself. Others are welcome join in on Thursday night as well.

Hope you can help.


Lloyd “Have Mercy” Jones


Lady True Blue & Sonny Hess

“Lady True Blue” Lady Kat and Sonny Hess announce the CD release of Soul Barin’ Blues with a special celebration to be held on Saturday, July 1 at the Safeway Albertsons Waterfront Blues Festival

Lady True Blue – Lady Kat – Low, Rich, Full Bodied Voice’ that carries the likes of Etta James, with a little of Wynonna’s twang, and the depth of Della Reese! Born and raised in the Northwest she was surrounded by the sounds of Blues and Country music.

Although starting out her music career at a later age in life Lady Kat has the style performance and sound of a well-seasoned artist. Spreading her wings to venture forth to pursue her dream as a national, even global blues artist, Lady Kat “Lady True Blue” has been showcased in phenomenal groups like the Northwest Women Rhythm & Blues, Celebration of BB King Show, playing with Portland’s finest musicians and was a favorite at Jimmy Mak’s Club. The past eight years Lady Kat has been performing at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival. She has shared the stage with Fiona Boyes, Linda Hornbuckle, Janice Scroggins, Duffy Bishop, Lady A, & Ellen Whyte, Sonny Hess, Lisa Mann to mention a few. This year at the Safeway Albertsons Blues Festival “Lady True Blue” brings her own show to the main stage debuting the release of her first CD.

Her first CD offers a lyrically powerful original “Soul Barin’ Blues” the title cut. “True Blue”, a song written by Sonny Hess as a gift to Lady Kat, Lady True Blue and in return a bluesy rendition of “Drift Away” dedicated to Sonny, to mention a few. There are several top-notch Portland musicians featured on various songs.

“The Gift of Song truly is a gift of power. A singer should cherish and respect it! For you never know who’s out there watching and listening and taking away a memory of your gift. It is my mission to respect and represent the art of music.”  – “Lady True Blue”