Chris Cain

Chris Cain
Little Village Foundation

Chris CainThere is little doubt that Chris Cain is one of the most dynamic and inventive guitarists of the past twenty plus years. Why he isn’t mentioned in the first breath of anybody speaking of blues players is a question beyond comprehension. The guy has more licks rolling around in his head at any given time than many others can come up within their entire lives, and they’re not just ordinary runs on the frets. They’re sensible, creative, and showcase his guitar mastery on his latest self-titled album from Little Village Foundation. Yet they sound as if they are creations of the earlier masters, and there is no mistake that Cain is a modern master in his own right.
This is another stellar recording at the hands of Kid Andersen and the great support of talent found at Greaseland Studio in San Jose. Guests include area greats like Andersen himself, Larry Taylor, Nancy Griffith, Jim Pugh, Tony Braunegel, and Aki Kumar. Behind it all is that superb guitar work from Chris Cain. And if you’re just under the impression that Cain is only a guitar player, he throws in some piano playing on three tracks and saxophone on yet another. His voice is distinguishable right away, often with comparisons to BB King, who is a hero of Cain’s.
With this album, it’s all original Chris Cain compositions save for the covers of Albert King’s “You’re Gonna Need Me” and Cleanhead Vinson’s classic “Kidney Stew” which has been a staple of his shows for many years. All the tracks are impeccable, simply stunning in their presentation and should be listened to repeatedly. Stand-out tracks prevail, but give a close listen to numbers like “Tired Of The Way You Do” or “Evil Minded Woman.”
Start to finish, like on just about everything he puts out, Chris Cain is on top of his game and belongs next to the most respected blues musicians today.

Total Time: 39:35
Tired Of The Way You Do / Meanest Woman In Town / My Baby Wants To Leave Me / Tell Tale Signs / Trying To Forget It / Back On Top / Evil Minded Woman / Kidney Stew / Sitting Here Wondering / You’re Gonna Need Me