The Dustbowl Revival : American Roots Music At Its Best: Sept. 22nd

dust-bowl-revivalMississippi Studios welcomes The Dustbowl Revival to their stage on Thursday, September 22. This is a hot up-and-coming young band that covers a wide range of musical styles, from bluegrass, swing, hot jazz, Pre-War blues, Southern soul, and New Orleans funk. With eight full-time members, they are truly an American roots orchestra and they play it all, mashing the sounds of traditional music into a genre-hopping, time-bending dance party that coaxes fresh fire from familiar coal. But The Dustbowl Revival isn’t a throwback band; it’s a celebration of the sounds that have kept America moving for more than a century, performed with all the flair of a medicine show and rooted in the sweat and swagger of a juke joint song swap. Their latest album, With A Lampshade On shines brightest in that middle ground, the place where jazz, folk, gospel, and blues all intersect. This is a band that is participating in the evolution of American roots music, tipping a hat to what has come before while looking ahead to what’s on the horizon.

Show time for The Dustbowl Revival is 9:00 pm, 21 and over only. Tickets are $13.00 advance through or $15.00 at the door day of show. Mississippi Studios is located at 3939 N Mississippi Avenue.