Franck Goldwasser - Tyranny Is Rising (Slim Byrd Records)

Franck Goldwasser - Tyranny Is Rising (Slim Byrd Records)

Tyranny Is Rising
Slim Byrd Records

By Greg Johnson

Franck L. Goldwasser sent me a copy of his latest EP, Tyranny Is Rising. This 3 track disc features the same song done in three different styles, swamp, traditional and lowdown. All are terrific, perhaps my favorite being the slide resonator guitar in the traditional approach.

That aside, this is a very well expressed statement on Franck’s views of the state of our nation and a warning that we need to wake up and take control because our values are diminishing. As an immigrant himself, Franck has an impression of what the country he moved to had shown promise for him and the way that those visions have been lost.

It is political, something that musicians have taken stands on throughout history. The Blues itself can be considered a child of strife in our nation and a means to state thoughts and a method of coping with such situations. Not everyone will agree, but music can convey expressions felt by many others.