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Jimmie Vaughan - Baby, Please Come Home - Last Music Company

Jimmie Vaughan - Baby, Please Come Home - Last Music Company

Baby, Please Come Home
Last Music Company

Review by Greg Johnson

Anyone who thinks that blues guitar, or any guitar playing for that matter, needs to be fueled by speed and flash, should take a lesson directly from Jimmie Vaughan. Vaughan’s a perfect purveyor of the less is more school of thought, and he has no need for overstatement on the strings. Nor does it mean that Vaughan understates in his playing either. He delivers everything precise and to perfection.

Baby, Please Come Home is Vaughan’s latest release, recorded at the Fire Station Studio in San Marcos, TX, with a group of friends that reads like a who’s who of the blues: George Rains, Mike Flanigan, Kaz Kazanoff, Doug James, Billy Pitman, and many more. And speaking of school, this production sounds like authentic old school blues with music written from bygone masters including Lloyd Price, Etta James, T-Bone Walker, Gatemouth Brown, Jimmy Reed, and others. He even includes a track by country great Lefty Frizzell with “No One To Talk To (But The Blues)” that sounds like it was meant to be a blues number all along.

The outcome of this album is a mixture of musicians and good friends that know how to read one another and how to deliver very tuneful and enjoyable listening pleasure from the very first note to the very last. Not one wasted moment, it all sounds great!

Total Time: 44:20

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