Kathryn Grimm

Blues Tools
Self Released

By Greg Johnson

Kathryn Grimm has put together a smart collection of twelve songs that exhibit directly her talents as a songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist. Everything comes across sensationally. Whether singing light-hearted about how “You Make So Happy I Can’t Sing The Blues,” or with a serious note about domestic violence on “Best Of Me,” Grimm has the knack to drive a message home. It’s all about the person inside relaying her personal life to make this music ring true.

She is joined by a cast of stellar musicians from both Oregon and California. Sonny Hess lays out superb guitar licks on the titles track, while Fenix Sanders sax work on “Love Gun” and there’s even a nice slide spot held by her longtime friend, the late Jeff Buckley on “Hot Date With Buzz,” written by bassist Mark Frere. That latter number is rather an off the wall subject, where the heroine enjoys the company of her personal device more than the company of men.

All of the material was written by Grimm, with the exception of three tracks: a nice cover of Quincy Jones’ “Miss Celie’s Blues” a reading of the gospel number “Trouble Of This World” and the aforementioned “Hot Date With Buzz.”

Outstanding work from Kathryn Grimm. Seek it out.

Total Time:49:27

You Make Me So Happy I Can’t Sing The Blues / Love Gun / Gone / C’mon Home / Talking To The Wind / Best Of Me / Trouble Of This World / God Is Testing Me / Blues Tools / Miss Celie’s Blues / Hot Date With Buzz / Empty Space