Lucky Peterson

Lucky Peterson - 50: Just Getting Started! - Jazz Village

Lucky Peterson - 50: Just Getting Started! - Jazz Village

50: Just Getting Started!
Jazz Village

By Greg Johnson

The term prodigy may be thrown out regarding many artists, but when it comes to Lucky Peterson it is clearly a fitting title. The son of bluesman James Peterson, Lucky scored his first national R&B hit when he was only six-years-old. The new album, 50: Just getting Started! celebrates the multi-instrumentalist career that has now spanned 50 years. He is the full package — a stunning guitarist, extraordinary organist, superb vocalist, terrific songwriter, and splendid performer. All of this is on display in this new release.

50: Just getting Started is a mix of Peterson originals and nicely selected takes on some of his favorite tracks, including “Amazing Grace Precious Lord,” and covers of the three Kings, Freddie King’s “Pack It Up,” Albert’s “Angel Of Mercy” and BB’s “Never Make Your Move Too Soon.” The songs are diverse, blending jazz, blues, modern rock and gospel, but never straying away from the awe-inspiring presentation. This is an aptly named album, because he may have been on the scene for 50 years now, but Luicky Peterson is still kicking out mighty fine music. He’s just getting started!!

Total Time: 73:48

50 Years / Pack it up / Dreamin’ About You / Don’t Want Nobody But You / Repossess Your Love / I Will Die 4 u / Never Make Your Move Too Soon / Clickety Click / The Blues is Driving Me / Angel of Mercy / Going Where My Roots Come From / Takin Care of Mine / Let the Good Time Party Begin / Kissin’ on My Lips / Amazing Grace Precious Lord