Mary Flower

Livin’ With The Blues Again
Little Village Foundation

By Greg Johnson

When it comes to the world of acoustic guitarists, Mary Flower is a treasure who stands tall among her peers. Whether it is performing the blues, ragtime, folk, or Americana, there may be a number of players that can hold their own, but Mary is an exception. One of the very elite at the top of that field and she proves it time and time again with every one of her recordings. It doesn’t matter if she is performing solo or with any number of musicians; she is always the focal point to which we’re drawn.

Her latest recording, the first on the Little Village Foundation label, Livin’ With The Blues Again, takes us down all those paths. Fingerpicking and lap slide guitar, Mary always excels on both.  Traditional numbers, instrumentals  and original songs are offered and as with any of her previous releases there is nothing here that is not delivered in any manner other than precise and perfect.

Throughout the disc Mary is accompanied by some of Northern California’s best musicians, including Kid Andersen, Jim Pugh, Suzy Thompson, and Aki Kumar. True treats are those songs where the gospel group The Sons of the Soul Revivers back her vocally. Every single artist involved with this project enhances Mary delightfully.

Once again, Mary Flower has produced another recording that belongs in every guitar lover’s collection. Stunning and beautiful, Mary’s performances shine on every number.

Total Time: 34:42

Crooked Rag / Baby Where You Been / Refuge / When Gabriel Comes Blowin’ On His Horn / Barrelhouse / Livin’ With The Blues Again / River Of Joy / Left All Alone Again Blues / Meet Me In The Bottom / See See Rider / There’s A bright Side Somewhere / Waltz