Dear CBA Members: We are very thankful for the CBA’s support by inviting us to write for this newspaper.

You are all cordially invited to subscribe to our new website on or by emailing us at

All new subscribers receive a free ticket to a blues concert. Our new website is becoming popular among young blues dancers and we believe our small but important role in CBA’s mission to preserve and promote the blues is through the next generation. Our overarching goal is to be a resource to everyone online, especially young people, and in the process demonstrate on the ground how to reach and retain the next generation of blues lovers. Yes – our project is a lot more than a website. We regularly help organize, promote and/or sponsor blues dances that bridge the generational gap of older and younger blues fans. We usually see 100 or more young people ages 21-39 show up and dance at the shows we’re involved in. We’ve supported blues dances as far away as Eugene, where we recently sponsored a live blues dance with teen blues performer Savanna Coen. On September 25th we had our first “Bluesaraoke” event – a karaoke dance party with singers young and old! We also have an amazing event coming up on November 13th with Julie Amici, and November 27th with Rae Gordon… check the CBA Calendar for these events! Don’t forget to subscribe to our website so we can invite you to all the cool events we have coming up.

Thank you again to the CBA for the warm welcome… we believe a lot more young people will be joining the CBA over the next few years and there’s really no limit to how much the blues community can grow when generations are united.

This message was written by cofounders Daniel Oliver and Robert Evans. You can reach us both at thank you!