Texas Bluesman Hamilton Loomis Returns

Texas-born Hamilton Loomis is the son of musician parents who listened to blues, rock, and soul. Music ran in his veins and with instruments readily available around the house he picked up the skills on multiple instruments while performing regularly as part of his family’s doo-wop group. While still a teenager, Loomis met the legendary Bo Diddley, and the two became close friends. He learned how to entertain and take command of a stage through Diddley and has always followed the advice given him by the elder bluesman to “innovate, don’t imitate.” Loomis is at his best while onstage. He performances are energetic and infectious. Don’t be surprised to find him walking into the crowd at any given moment bringing an interactive feel to his audiences. His latest release, Give It Back, is appropriately named because that is exactly what he gives to his audiences!

Hamilton Loomis will be appearing for one show in Oregon only on Friday, August 11 at The Birk, 11139 Hwy 202 in Birkenfeld. Tickets for this 7:30 pm show are available at TicketTomato.com for $15.00 advance, or at the door for $18.00 day of show.