Thank You CBA Volunteers!!

The Cascade Blues Association occasionally holds events where it is necessary for extra hands to assist in making sure everything runs smoothly. That is never more true than at the Waterfront Blues Festival where we have a merchandise booth that needs to be manned for hours each day. This year’s festival was five days long, making the need for even more people to help out. We want to thank the following individuals for their time and generosity in assisting us with this need; we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you!!

Adam Carter, Alice Tacey, Annette Young, Bonita Davis, Bryan Olson, Carol Hamley, Clint Spell, Coila Ash, Deb Rowley, Don Geren, Gary Jaskowiak, Holly Thomas, Imm-o Singleton, Jane White Broderick, Jenny Pizot, John Fraser, Julie Yanko, Kevin MacDonald, Larry Risch, Laura Lund, Lucia Michaud, Margaret Wise, Marla Jones, Michelle Bean, Mike Puerini, Nadine Jones, Natalie Spell, Peggy Erick, Priscilla Miller, Rawleigh Pate, Rhonda graham, Richard LaChapelle, Rita Childs, Robert Freeman, Ron Beed, Sandie Wilkins, Sandy Forst, Sandy Stout, Shelly Halsted, Steve Broderick, Susi Brothers, Terry Nolan, Tim Mattheis

Thank you also for our Journey To Memphis volunteer judges: John Jaqua, Melanie Owen and Russ Bergeron.