Thank You To Holiday Party Volunteers

Thank YouThe Cascade Blues Association occasionally holds events where it is necessary for extra hands to assist in making sure everything runs smoothly. We want to thank the following individuals for helping us out at the CBA 30, Journey To Memphis, and June Membership Meeting; we couldn’t have successfully held these events without you! Thank you!!

Alan Craig, Annette Young, Bob Smith, Cherie Robbins, Coila Ash, Don Holland, Gary Jaskowiak, J. Lofberg, June Walker, Kathy Kiwala, Ken Johnson, Madeleine Crawford, Mark Van Presentin, Mary Maxson, Miles Holland, Miles Stewart, Phil Messina, Richard LaChapelle, Sandy Forst, Sue Craig, Susan Dishaw, Susan Johnson, Terry Nolan, Tom Rich, Winnie Chapman

An extra huge thanks goes out to the crew who worked backstage at the CBA 30 concert. They’re all professional stage hands who usually are paid to work these events, but all donated their time, some putting in up to twelve-plus hours.

Charles Rowe, James Hurley, Jay Lawhorn, Lydia Salvey, Pat McDougal, Rebecca Rutledge, Steve Gross, Tim Rutter and Wesley Yurovchak.

If we missed anyone, it was an oversight. Please let us know — you are important to us.