The Bones Of JR Jones

The Bones Of JR JonesJonathan Robert Linaberry performs solo under the moniker The Bones Of JR Jones. As a one-man band he fuses a moody blend of soul, blues, roots, and Americana that sounds enormous on both record and in concert. “I listen to a lot of soul, a lot of old blues,” he explains. “Obviously there’s a lot of garage-rock influence. The old soul, like Sam Cooke and Bill Withers, Lee Fields, even Charles Bradley. There’s still for me, the roots, which is RL Burnside. I try to incorporate all of that.”

Ex-Gourds frontman Jimmy Smith and bluesman Pat McKay collaborate to form Smith/McKay All Day combining Smith’s bar-band-booty-shaking grooves and surreal tongue-in-cheek songwriting with McKay’s Texas/Montana blues and country sensibilities of a seasoned bluesman.

White Eagle Saloon,  836 N Russell. Thursday, June 20. 8:00 pm. $10.00, $12.00 at door. 21 & over.