Ty Curtis

Ty Curtis

Blame Me
Self Produced

Ty Curtis CD coverTy Curtis makes authentic music from his heart. His songwriting skills are amoung some of the very best I have heard as of late with lyrics and instrumentation finely melded together to appeal far more than to just one defined genre of listeners. Like his previous recordings, his newest release Blame Me explores new realms in the sound of the blues. It may not be the traditional blues that we’ve been exposed to since the beginning of the twentieth century, but it is an exciting track that he is taking us on and it is undeniably blues for this modern world.  And like the very best in music, Blame Me is a collection of songs that you want to listen to repeatedly.

It’s easy to see that Curtis has the feel for blues rock in his blood. He is a master at over the top, exceptional, and burning guitar work as seen in the rocking title track “Blame Me.” But he also knows how to write some of the most heart-endearing ballads imaginable, as he proves in the number “Heaven Save Me.” There is emotion that runs deep in the song that speaks with complete honesty. Then he can trip into a reggae piece without missing a beat with “Urge And Temptation” and can also bring out complete funky soulfulness on “I Can Say.” There are a lot of melodies, harmonies and groove in Ty Curtis’ music and it’s clear that he is game to take on every angle in his craft. His efforts and commitment make it all come out with exceptional results.

Blame Me was recorded in Austin, where Curtis now calls home while still splitting time with trips back and forth to his native Oregon. It was engineered by Grammy winner Anton Pukshansky with mixing from Chris Athens. Both have worked with some major artists in a variety of genres, from hip hop to R&B, country to rock. The musicianship at hand for this recording is absolutely impressive, with regular bandmates Jerry Jacques on drums and Tony Valdez on bass, with additional help from some of Austin’s best: Nick Jay, Dane Farnsworth, Carmelo Torres, and Jeff Bryant.

Ty Curtis once again convinces us that he is a triple threat, singer, guitarist and songwriter that we have to watch with anticipation that greatness is directly at hand. Blame Me shows us once again that his development is racing faster than we can keep up and it’s time for the rest of the world to catch up and take note.

Total Time: 44:18

That Good / Blame Me / Back Again / I Can Say / Heaven Save Me / Shake It Up / Urge And Temptation / Blow Me Away / Who Are You / Never Get My Love