CBA Picnic 2016 THANK YOU

by Wendy Schumer

The 2016 picnic was a huge success! Even the folks at Columbia Crossing said it was the best picnic ever in their history. And of course we could not have done it without the help of many great volunteers and the CBA board. Thank you to board members Wendy Schumer, Merry Larsen, Brenda Docken, Fred Morgan and JoAnn Morgan—all of whom worked tirelessly to prepare, set up, work and then tear down at this year’s picnic. Thanks to Jody Gunn for signing up volunteers.

As you can imagine, this takes a lot of work and time so this year’s picnic would be great for our members. In addition to the board members, we need to thank all of the volunteers who helped to make this possible. Without these volunteers I don’t know what we would have done. So let me list the names of those who I want to thank and apologize to anyone I may have overlooked:

  • First of all, Jon Pierce, Rich- ard LaChapelle and Ed Seifert. Thanks to Everyone Who Made the 2016 CBA Picnic a Huge Success These three worked tirelessly to pick up and load the truck. They had to get tables and ice, then unload the truck.
  • Dan from Dano’s Dogs for cooking and providing all the hotdogs, hamburgers and buns. We love you Dan!
  • Bryan Olson, Al Raines, Holly Thomas, Pat Rolsing, Vince Rolsing, and Matt Northy for setup.
  • Ron Beed, Barbara Sandoval, Robert Jones, and Mark Rankin for cooking under the hot, hot sun!
  • Lucia Michaud for being the master of the food table—cutting, prepping and cleaning! Judith Ellis for helping her.
  • Bonita Davis, Carol Hamley, Beverly Jones, Don Geren, and Michelle Bean for the hectic oversight of checking members into the area and signing up new members.
  • Imperial Bottleshop for providing the beer.
  • Carl Lehman, Danny Knoll, Mark Von Pressentin, Mary Maxson, Darren Maxson, Rick Ivey, Kim Wrabel, Will Crowe, Mary Cummings, and Priscilla (don’t know her last name) for overseeing pouring the beer and wine.
  • George Stevenson, Kathy Rankin, and Mark Rankin for tear down.
  • Gary Jazkoviak and Jim & Nancy also helped.

I know there were a lot more people who helped us load the truck and bring everything back to the office—I apologize if I didn’t get everybody’s names. But I want to thank you as well!

OK, now for the music. What a stellar line-up: starting off with Beacon Street Titans, followed by Gabe Cox, then Bolt Upright and concluding with The Thunder Brothers! What a day?! A warm thank you to all the musicians who graciously donated their time to help us put on this event. I just hope everyone had a great time and I would encourage the membership to think about volunteering to help us next year!