Harp Master John Clifton At Catfish Lou’s

John Clifton

Bluesman John Clifton has dedicated himself to the genre that wasn’t getting the respect it deserved. But when you’re a frontman who delivers the goods straight from the heart, soul and gut, the blues become relevant. From the first note of the first song on stage, you know Clifton is the man in charge. Great musicians play off one another and take each other to new heights when they do. John taps into honest emotions, and by doing so, he brings the band along for the ride. Originality and fire in his harp and vocal stylings. Electrifying excitement consistently brought onstage. This is what keeps the John Clifton Band new and entertaining every time they take the stage!

Catfish Lou’s, 6540 SW Fallbrook Pl, Beaverton. Saturday, March 21, 8:00 pm. $8.00 advance Tickettomato.com, $10.00 at door.