New Music To Note – Aug. 2016

New Music to Note-September 2021

Here’s a list of new music received at the CBA office or purchased personally this past month that should be noted:

AG Weinberger – Mighty Business (Bigfoot Records)
Chase Walker Band – Not Quite Legal (Revved Up Records)
David Vest – Devestation Rhythm ( Ark-O-Matic)
Kalo – Dear John, (Self Produced)
Markey Blue – The Blues Are Knockin’ (SoulOSound Records)
Mick Kolassa – Taylor Made Blues (Swing Suit Records)
Rose City Kings – A Love So Strong (Self Produced)
Sammy Eubanks – Sugar Me (Underworld Records)
The Jordan Patterson Band – The Back On Track Recording Project (Flaming Cheese records)
Ty Curtis – Blame Me (Self Produced)