Three Nights with Orphan Jon & The Abandoned

Orphan Jon & The Abandoned

Orphan Jon & The AbandonedOrphan Jon & The Abandoned is an American roots and blues band from the Central Coast of California who are quickly becoming a go-to band because of the high energy and passion. Roots and blues is their life blood, and it shows. It is the band’s goal to captivate the audience from the first note struck until the last chord is played while entertaining them both musically and visually. When you see and hear them you will be taken on a journey through the ups and downs, the twists and turns, peaks and valleys of the vibrancy of love and everyday living through their music. They are a rare breed full of spirit and charisma, and they put on a show that is both energetic and captivating with a tight sound like no other.

Front man Jon English aka Orphan Jon, can be moving, emotional, heartfelt and intense at one point, and then soothing, soulful, lustful and desiring at another point in both his body language, lyrics and vocals. Add the journeymen experiences of guitarist Bruce Krupnik, the rhythm section of bassist Tony Jack Grigsby and Stan Whiting on drums and you have a band that totally captures the essence of what the blues is all about; hard work, rough life, grinding days, moving souls, touching hearts and heartfelt love, day to day, and all the time.

Orphan Jon & The Abandoned will be performing at Duff’s Garage, 2530 NE 82nd on Thursday, March 23. Show time is 9:00 pm with a $5.00 cover.

Then, for two consecutive nights, Orphan Jon & The Abandoned will be holding stage at The Birk, 11139 Hwy 202, Birkenfeld. Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25, both nights starting at 7:00 pm with a $10.00 admission.