Smooth Hound Smith Returns To The White Eagle

Smooth Hound Smith Returns To The White EagleSmooth Hound Smith is a foot-stompin’, American roots and rock band founded by Zack Smith and Caitlin Doyle-Smith. Established in 2012 and based in East Nashville, TN, they record and perform a varied and unique style of folksy, garage-infused rhythm & blues. Using primal-foot percussion, complex and fuzzed-out, finger-picked guitar patterns, warbled harmonicas, tasty harmonies, and syncopated tambourine, they are able to create something rugged and visceral: a modern interpretation of early blues, soul and rock & roll music that harkens back to the traditions of hazy front porch folk songs as well as raucous back-alley juke joints.

White Eagle Saloon, 836 N Russell St. Sunday, November 3, 7:00 pm. $12.00 advance at, $15.00 at the door. 21 & over.