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Bandstand from Froggy

Louis Creed and Froggy

Louis and the Geezer are quite honored that the judges picked us to represent Cascade Blues in Memphis as your duo. We had to miss our opportunity to perform at the Waterfront this year ’cause we were bringing Blues Music to our veterans at their Freedom Festival on the 4th of July. Ironic, because I’ve entered the IBC competition more than anybody else over the years, trying to get a slot at the Festival, so we REALLY wanted to be there. So it goes. Looking forward to some fundraisers for our Memphis trip along with Johnny Wheels and the Swamp Donkeys. Louis and I are honorary Donkeys, and together it’s a helluva 7 piece band so stay tuned. Don’t miss out “Fridays from the 5th Wheel” music series. We’re very proud to represent Cascade in Memphis and, as a previous semi-finalist, I think we’ll do very well this winter. yers…Froggy