Board Spotlight – Brad Bleidt


Board Spotlight – Brad Bleidt

photo by Retrojive Creative

Brad joined the CBA Board in January of 2018 at the encouragement of a fellow musician and CBA Board member he was playing with at the time. His natural interest in the musical aspects of the CBA expanded to include the financial and regulatory infrastructure of the organization.

His MBA in nonprofit management placed Brad in a key role to introduce several major infrastructure improvements.
These include:

  • Placement of director and officer insurance.
  • Improving accounting practices and hiring third-party accounting/bookkeeping services.
  • Implementing compliance processes to satisfy federal and state filing requirements.
  • Revising the bylaws to reflect 2018 electronic communication standards.

More musical projects include:

  • 2019 Muddy Awards PowerPoint presentation, music augmentations and execution.
  • Creating and co-chairing the 2020 Performance Venue Project with the Portland Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Creating and co-chairing the 2021 Venue Cosponsorship Initiative.

He is a performing keyboardist currently playing with the Beacon Street Titans and the music director at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church.

Current projects Include:

  • The lead role for the newly formed CBA Planning Committee.
  • Project manager for the upcoming board elections for the 2022 service year.

Artistic Statement

“True inspiration is rare.

“It requires consistent creative and experimental practice for it to make its appearance. My creative focus is the embodiment of this practice consistency and spans four decades:  music, visual arts, literary expression, and business development.

All represent the focal points of my creative development and are uniquely interwoven to produce abstractions from my life’s experiences and solutions. A musical performance, a painting, a business consultation, and a written creation all are born out of equal passion and the mosaic of their interaction depicts humanity and a wide range of spiritual and ethical expression.”