CBA President Greg Johnson – updated 10.7.21

CBA President Greg Johnson - September 2021 update

CBA President Greg Johnson

In case you aren’t following on Facebook, here are the latest updates on how Greg is doing …


From Greg’s wife Cherie:


I get to see the love of my life today! Greg is out of ICU but not readmitted to RIO. They asked me to come cheer him up! I will pass words of encouragement to him.



Trying to keep everyone up to date with Greg’s progress. As explained in prior updates Greg had been moved from Marquis Vermont Hills to RIO (Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon) in September. We welcomed October with hopes of returning home and sadly yesterday we had a set back. Greg had a seizure and medical team had to come to rescue and move him from RIO to ICU. Greg will remain in ICU with scans being done till moved to another part of hospital and (hopefully!) returns to RIO for continuing therapy. I am grateful for the team that took care of Greg and myself yesterday. I had a breakdown seeing Greg in that condition. Thank you to team in RIO!
I know all of Greg’s family and friends are keeping him close to their hearts and prayers. WE are deeply grateful.
Please show love to Greg Slim Lively Johnson if you can possibly attend ‘Blues For Slim Lively’ at Crystal Ballroom October 17th. Greg had devoted his life to supporting music and knows that music is one of life’s most important survival tools. It nourishes us, heals us & lifts us up even in the darkest hour & gives us the strength to keep going! It brings us together!
If you can’t attend and still want to contribute.
There is also an online auction spearheaded by Angie DeRouchie and anyone can participate and doesn’t need to be in attendance at benefit.


We are waiting for long-term disability to be approved from Greg’s employer & accepted into RIO at Good Samaritan. RIO has a special program for stroke patients & best opportunities for therapy! We are meeting with a surgeon Wednesday for consultation & in future will remove tumor.

Friends do your part in helping our community by getting vaccinated. & please send prayers for this to all go through ok.

We are grateful for everyone’s continued support and kindness.

Thank you for all who contributed to GoFundMe & continue to help us, greatly appreciated in these times.

Save the date: Oct. 17 “Blues for Slim Lively,” Crystal Ballroom or tickets can be purchased at Music Millennium


Today Greg Slim Lively Johnson returns to St. Vincent’s hospital for an MRI. Next week on the 25th (our anniversary) we meet with his surgeon for consultation about surgery for removal of tumor. No date set for surgery.

Andy, Greg’s physical therapist, doesn’t want Greg to get off track with all the progress he is making physically. Andy OK’d another FOUR weeks at Marquis, which has to still pass through insurance. Yesterday Andy also gave hopeful news that Greg would be eligible now for RIO at Good Samaritan. He hadn’t been strong enough till now.. At RIO ALL they do is work with stroke patients & have heard amazing things about their facility. It would be fantastic if Greg got in!!

Greg has been introduced by P.T to a temporary AFS (leg brace) which has helped tremendously & will be fitted for his own & knee brace. With ‘assistance’ Greg is walking in hallway short distances. Working on balance, strength & endurance. Imagine having to learn how to walk again…. working with occupational & speech therapy. The speech has a long way to go & will take a long time to recover if it fully comes back at all.

So glad I found a ground level apartment that I will be moving us into weekend of September 10th. Thank you, Geoffrey Reece, for helping me with movers. With all our stairs I couldn’t possibly be doing it on own for move out. To know Greg could come home gives me hope! What I am also working on is getting an ADA vehicle, so we don’t have to rely on transports which is NOT covered by insurance & they are a hundred dollars each time you use one. It would be fantastic if I could drive us around instead.

Want to thank everyone for your continued prayers, support, kindness shown. This last year has been the hardest time of our lives & you all have made it so much better by LIFTING US UP!!

Please join us on Sunday, Oct. 17, for this important…and FUN…benefit. (COVID statement below)

buy tickets here


check out the ONLINE auction and raffle here

You do not need to be present to bid or win!




COVID Policy-updated 8.20.21


The Crystal Ballroom is committed to protecting the health and well-being of music fans, artists, and industry staff. In light of the recent upswing of COVID cases, beginning immediately, all ticket holders to shows at the Crystal Ballroom or Lola’s Room must meet one of these conditions:

1) Be at least two weeks past receiving their second dose in a two-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), or a single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Vaccination card or photo of vaccine card on phone must be provided along with photo ID.


2) Show proof of a negative PCR COVID test within 48 hours preceding the show, along with photo ID.

All ticket holders must wear face masks at all times except when eating or drinking.