Greetings from the Norman Sylvester band!


Greetings from the Norman Sylvester band!

As we are hopefully approaching a new phase of our COVID-19 experience (I called it Coronaville), I want to express my appreciation for all of the ways our music community showed up for each other!

My band, due to our ages and other variables, only performed live during the outdoor concert season last summer, but many artists bravely continued to perform with venue owners. BRAVO for everyone’s tenacity to figure out safe ways to provide live music.

Music helped many of us get through some challenging times, whether in person or virtually, and I want to THANK the musicians and event planners who provided entertainment. Those who did the work to keep the CBA going and those still representing our special Blues Association also deserve our praise.

And keeping things going after Greg “Slim Lively” Johnson fell ill is a tribute to him and the sacrifices he made for this organization.

As for my band … we’re still standing! We have bookings starting in May and are hopeful that “this good feeling” lasts forever. Boogie Cat misses everyone, but also wants health and safety for each person at the upcoming shows.

Do what feels the safest for you and yours with no judgment as we move and groove forward. I’ll probably be wearing my mask and practicing protocols when socializing. Playing the blues for you will be my healing force.

They say this pandemic “has changed us forever,” but I believe it gave us the perfect opportunity to give each other grace of empathy, understanding and acceptance.

The Norman Sylvester band can’t wait to get out there and party with amazing fans, friends and fellow musicians!

Norman “Boogie Cat” Sylvester (meow-meow)