Kirk Fletcher

Kirk Fletcher - Hold On

Hold On
Self Produced

Kirk Fletcher - Hold On

Just in case it might have slipped your mind for one reason or another, Kirk Fletcher is a bad ass guitarist. Listen to the opening track “Two Steps Forward” from his latest disc Hold On. That’s certainly going to remind you. It has that distinct “wow” factor that is going to blow your mind. And it is only the beginning of an album that burns, sizzles and cooks with fire on every track from there on out.

The eight numbers collected on Hold On all have their very own unique presentation and style that allows the listener to realize that Kirk Fletcher is a man who can easily deliver within any approach with ease and unquestionable skill. “Dupree” offers sensational jazzy guitar, “Sad Sad Day” jumps with a New Orleans keyboard accompaniment, “You Need Me” brings on a funky touch with deliberate soulful vocals (does anybody else get a Lou Rawls type of feel with this one?), “Gotta Right” sounds like it fell right out of a blues joint in Chicago, and “Time’s Ticking” is down-and-churning blues-guitar rock number. You can’t go wrong with any of the selections, they’re all filled with some of the most amazing guitar you’re likely to hear this year or any year. And if you’re truly looking for one piece that going to convince you of Fletcher’s deserved place amongst blues guitar royalty, just jump straight ahead to the eight-minute-plus extravaganza “The Answer.” The song is a slow blues masterpiece with each note given just that right expression to make you feel the passion and hurt the singer is relating.

If you love blues guitar or guitar in general, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Total Time: 47:55

Two Steps Forward / You Need Me / Sad Sad Day / The Answer / Time’s Ticking / Dupree / Gotta Right / Hold On