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Watermelon Slim

Church Of The Blues Northern Blues By Greg Johnson Watermelon Slim returns with his thirteenth release, Church Of The Blues, and it just may be one of his best yet. With an instantly recognizable voice, killer slide guitar chops and

Dee Miller Band

Dee Miller Band

Leopard Print Dress   Self-Released By Randy Murphy With a voice like aged, smoky bourbon and a band one would gladly take to war, Dee Miller’s new album, Leopard Print Dress, is a coiled rattlesnake masquerading as a record —

The King Louie Organ Trio

The King Louie Organ Trio

It’s About Time Shoug Records By Greg Johnson This all instrumental album crosses genres mixing jazz, blues, and soul and is definitely a keeper. Filled with contagious riffs that are heavy with groove and swing it delivers a complete knock-out

Leo “Bud” Welch

Leo “Bud” Welch - The Angels In Heaven Done Signed My Name

The Angels In Heaven Done Signed My Name Easy Eye Sound Though Leo “Bud” Welch had performed most of his life, he truly didn’t find recognition outside of Mississippi until he released his first recording, Sabougla Voices, in 2014 at

Coyote Kings

Coyote Kings - Rocket - Underworld Records

Rocket Underworld Records By Greg Johnson Guitarist and band leader Robin Barrett states that he’s extremely proud of this new album by the Coyote Kings, feeling it’s the best thing they have ever done. And he just may be right.

Mavis Staples

Mavis Staples - Live In London

Live In London Anti-Records By Greg Johnson When it comes to soul and gospel vocalists, does it get any better than Mavis Staples? It would be pretty tough to come up with anybody with as fine a resume. Mavis has

Paula Harris – Speakeasy (Self Produced)

Paula Harris - Speakeasy

Speakeasy Self Produced By Greg Johnson Paula Harris made quite a statement when it came to her 2012 debut, Turning On The Naughty, with its rambunctious and bawdy blues presentation. It was a prime display of what had garnered her

Rich Layton and Tough Town

Rich Layton and Tough Town - Salvation Road

Salvation Road Never Lucky Records By Greg Johnson Rich Layton, a first-hand veteran of the Houston Gulf Coast scene has been plying that same authentic sound in the Portland area for many years. Layton’s a sly songwriter who just happens

Jimmie Vaughan Trio

Jimmie Vaughan Trio - Live at C-Boy’s

Live at C-Boy’s Last Music Company By Greg Johnson If you’re ever in Austin and checking out the music scene (what else would you be there for, right? Okay barbecue, too), head over to the South Congress and just a

Cedric Burnside

Cedric Burnside

Benton County Relic Single Lock Records By Randy Murphy The word “relic” holds many meanings — it’s a thing that stays behind once the original is lost, or what remains of the possessions of saint. It’s also something cherished, worshipped