MUDDY AWARDS 2018 – Voting

Muddy Awards Voting

We have yet to get through summer but the Muddy Awards nomination and voting activity is on our radar.  Be advised that the nomination and voting process will begin in the fall.  In preparation for this, we are working hard to ensure it goes much more smoothly than last year.  We are all learning as we go.


  1. Make sure you have your correct email on file with us. You will need email to participate
  2. Do you know your Membership #? You will need that information as well to participate as only members can vote. In the monthly email blast you receive, your membership # is included at the bottom.
  3. If you don’t know your member number, of course we can provide it. Send an email to
  4. As we go through the year – try to keep in your mind the shows and performers you saw during the year. This will help as we get closer to the nomination process. We all know how memory can get foggy – so keep a list.
  5. Nomination process and Voting will be online only.

Thanks again to our wonderful membership for being patient as we work to improve the process.