Alberta Abbey to Host NW Musicians Fundraiser for Fly Me To The Moon Organization

Fundraiser for Fly Me To The Moon

On Sunday, May 19, four of Portland’s most beloved musical acts will take the stage to raise money for Fly Me To The Moon, a new nonprofit organization that delivers live music performances to seniors in assisted living, retirement communities, and memory care facilities.

Organization founder and producer, Dean Mueller, hopes to raise funds and create awareness of the program through this concert. To showcase the music, Mueller selected the newly renovated Alberta Abbey, a community arts center in NE Portland, to host the show. The lineup includes the Duffy Bishop Band, 3 Leg Torso, Aaron Meyer, and Julie Amici.


The first set will feature Portland’s own rock violinist Aaron Meyer, followed by the critically acclaimed 3 Leg Torso, an ensemble featuring original modern chamber music with wildly unique instrumentation.  The second set opens with the award-winning Julie Amici, then the beloved electric blues powerhouse Duffy Bishop.


Fly Me To The Moon was formed in partnership with the Oregon Music Hall of Fame (OMHOF) in 2018.  Its mission is to bring professional, high-quality, and affordable live music events to retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and memory care facilities. Mueller explains that the program is encountering an increasing demand as we have a deeper understanding of the effects of live music on the senior population.

“The scientific evidence supports what we have always suspected,” Mueller said, “that music can stimulate feelings of joy and harmony in seniors.”

But for Mueller, it’s about more than science.  In the many years he’s performed for seniors, he has seen the positive impact the music has on their emotional state.

“As a musician, it touches my heart,” he said. “When we play music they know, from the era of their youth, it clearly stimulates their memory and takes them to a sweeter place.”


There are still opportunities to become a sponsor of this event.  Any businesses or interested parties should email