Membership Meeting Cancelled
As we’re well into our third month of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are starting to see some activities and businesses begin to reopen across the State. At this time, Multnomah County has yet to apply for the Phase One opening stage, which will only allow up to 25 people in gatherings and must include distancing of six feet for patrons. Phase One guidelines state that this must go on for a period of 21 days before moving onto Phase Two.
I am not sure how venues or the Cascade Blues Association figures in the long run of live performances taking place; concerts and sporting events are shown to be on hold until at least September. The question is the size of crowd that would entail, and that is part of Phase Three. Hopefully, we will be able to see events like our meeting come back sometime soon.
As for now, with the 25 people limit for gatherings, we will have to cancel our meeting scheduled for June. It is not just a decision made for safety, which is the number one concern, but it is also not economically feasible for us to hold a meeting with this limited number of people. Most who attend are members and have free entry to the meetings. But even if the entire 25 attendees were to pay the $5.00 non-member entry, it would still not be enough to cover the expense of our sound people. And does the 25 people include the CBA staff working, sound crew and the Eagles volunteers? It’s better to be on the cautious side at this point and hope for easing of restrictions to come about soon.
In the meantime, please continue to be safe and to support the musicians performing online and the venues and retail outlets offering allowable services. There will be an end in sight and it is in our best interest to keep everyone involved in the music we love to be able to resume their livelihood once that time returns.