Little Albert

Little Albert - Swamp King

Swamp King
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Little Albert - Swamp KingLittle Albert is a side project for Italian heavy-doom-metal guitarist Alberto Piccolo that stands apart from his band Messa. Piccolo has always held a fascination for the blues, and before you start pointing out his metal background, remember that he is a graduate of jazz guitar studies. His playing, as expected, tends to lean toward blues rock than Delta or Chicago-based stylings. There’s a lot of Robin Trower-esque feel here, which is evident with his inclusion of a spot-on cover of “Bridge Of Sighs,” which seem appropriate. There’s also a nice take of Blind Joe Reynolds’ “Outside Woman Blues,” perhaps best known through Cream’s take on the song.  This album is filled with really nice guitar tones and smooth playing.

Total Time: 33:58

Swamp King / Bridge Of Sighs / Mean Old Woman / Blues Asteroid / Maryclaire / Outside Woman Blues