Patrick Stilwell

Patrick Stilwell - Tales From The Riverside

Patrick Stilwell - Tales From The RiversideTales From The Riverside
Self Released

By Greg Johnson

This is one of those albums that you like more after every play. Exceptional songwriting and performances that blend well together make for a winning formula, and Patrick Stilwell knows how to turn a catchy phrase with his lyrics that expound on life lessons, heartache, and love. Combine that with some very tasteful guitar playing and an over the top group of friends lending their talents, including the likes of Timmer Blakely, Ken Brewer, Kurtis Piltz, Jeff Knudson, Eric Rabe, along with a host of other stellar Portland musicians, and you have a first-rate musical combination.

There is quite a bit to really like with the songs on this disc, with numerous highlights that keep appearing with every number. Special moments start with the opening track “End Of The Line” kicking things off with a rollicking pace that sets the tone for the album, and also include the slow blues “Nowhere To Fall,” “Hold Your Fire” with the electric violin, and the stinging slide work on “Riverside, Pt 1.”

End Of The Line / Hold On Tight / The Evil That You Do / More Than I Can Stand, Pt 1 / More Than I Can Stand, Pt 2 / More Than I Can Stand, Pt 3 / Nowhere To Fall / Where My Heart Used To be / Hold Your Fire / The Story Of Your Life / Shoulda Known Better / Be My Rider / Show Me A Sign / Riverside, Pt 1 / Riverside, Pt 2 / What’ll We Do