Peter Veteska and Blues Train – So Far So Good

Peter Veteska and Blues Train - So Far So Good

Peter Veteska and Blues Train

So Far So Good
Blue Heart Records

Review by Anni Piper

This album is like a textbook, and trust me, dear listeners, that doesn’t mean to say that it is dry and dull, but more an endorsement of the accuracy of the grooves that are presented to us. It just ticks all the boxes, each song like a chapter on how to play the blues.

Veteska is in the New York Blues Hall of Fame and has released six albums in seven years, two of which were chosen as the Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation’s IBC entries for Best Self-Produced CD. Like many of our bandleaders, Veteska is a guitarist, singer and composer. He has great tone, great approach, and a great circle of friends. Jeff Levine on keyboards lends such excitement to the opening track, and Jenny Barnes on vocals has total control and unlimited sass in her delivery.

“Young Bold Women,” a James Cotton cover, is one of my favorites. This tune is absolutely raucous, and so much lively fun as we move seamlessly from rumba to swing. Veteska and band  – Coo Moe Jhee on bass and Alex D’Agnese on drums – are from New Jersey, a popular spring break destination, where one is sure to find young, bold women aplenty. Their state created Snooki, so surely the local gigs for Veteska must get fairly hectic.

The closing track, “Can’t We All Get Along,” is like the espresso shot at the end of a fine meal. What a way to finish with this original mid-tempo funk/soul ballad. The vocal harmonies and picturesque minor chord changes make this the perfect bittersweet ending.

Total time: 54 minutes

Done With Bad Luck / I’ve Got the Blues This Morning / I Miss You So / My One and Only Muse / Young Bold Women / Lovin’ Oven / You Gave Me Nothin’ but the Blues / Low Down Dirty Blues / Baby Please / East Coast Blues / So Far So Good / Can’t We All Get Along