Bandstand December 2017

Harvey Brindell
Dark Tale From The Road
Volume 1, Number 1
Back in the early 90s I was playing in a band based in Lincoln, NE. This was during a time when the club scene in the midwest was strong and blues was drawing great crowds.
Back in those days, because there was no social media, you had to do your booking either face to face or by phone. We booked a gig in Hastings, NE about ninety miles up the road from Lincoln. After sending a demo through the mail to the club owner I called him. After we agreed to a date and price he told me that he wanted at least a dozen posters to hang in his club. I agreed to get them out to him ASAP and I did.
We played the first set to kind of a light crowd. During the break I was talking with the bartender and mentioned it was kind of a light turnout and asked if the club owner had done any local advertising. He said he wasn’t sure if he had. I also mentioned that I had sent a dozen posters as the club owner had requested but hadn’t noticed any of the posters hanging anywhere in the club. The bartender told me I must have missed the one hanging right inside the front door. I walked over to the front door. There was a bulletin board that was about three feet high and five feet wide hanging on the wall right inside the front door. The only thing on the bulletin board was a piece of paper curled up like a scroll around one thumb tack stuck right in the middle of the piece of paper. I unscrolled the piece of paper and sure enough, there was our poster.
Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles Harvey will be writing regarding his experiences on the road as a musician.

Rich Layton & The Troublemakers

Hey, y’all! It’s Rich here with a huge thank you to the CBA membership for my Muddy Award nomination (and your votes). I was honored to be included with fellow harp players Franco Paletta and award winner Mitch Kashmar. My lifelong journey with the “Mississippi saxophone” has spanned rock and roll, folk, country and the blues – but it’s all soul music to me!

I’m also grateful to The Rae Gordon Band for the honor of playing on the title track of their Muddy Award winning album, “Better Than I Was.”

I want to let you know about a couple of holiday shows we do each year that have become a great way to celebrate with dear friends before the family obligations kick in. On the Friday before Christmas, Dec. 22nd, we’re at Catfish Lou’s stirring up a little “Trouble in Tinsel Town.” On Saturday, Dec. 30th, we celebrate “The Eve of The Eve” at McMenimans Rock Creek Tavern. Grab a table by the roaring fireplace while we dig deep into into our Texas Roadhouse song catalog. Hope to see you and one or both of these holiday throw-downs.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from me, Larry McCoy (guitar), Eric “Haus” Krabbenhoft (bass) and Troy Stutzman (drums)… Peace and good cheer, everybody!

Bandstand December 2017