Author: Greg Johnson

Bandstand – Lloyd Jones

Bandstand - Bandstand from Froggy - Bandstand - Lloyd Jones

After 30 years of touring and recording with this band, a precious cassette “Live At The Emperor’s Chambers” came to light just as best friend, keyboard player, genius music director/arranger Glenn Holstrom was about to succumb to cancer. Though Glenn

Blues Rocker Bryan Flynn Comes To Town

Bryan Flynn

International recording artist Brian Flynn has been complimented as being one of the most phenomenal guitarists on the scene. Recognition like that, along with his band’s  ability to play a vast array of music, has allowed them to include performances

Keesha Pratt  Band – 2018 IBC Winners at Catfish Lou’s

Keesha Pratt  Band

The Houston based, International Award Winning Keeshea Pratt Band possesses the skill and artistry reminiscent of Blues old school Motown; a rarity among bands of any genre today. The 9 piece musical collective, lends its energy and passion to traditional

A Celebration of the Life and Music of Sheila Wilcoxson

It is with heavy heart that we bear the news that Cascade Blues Association Hall of Fame member Sheila Wilcoxson has been diagnosed with stage four cancer and only has a short time left. A celebration of her life and

Sugaray Rayford

Sugaray Rayford - Somebody Save Me - Forty Below Records

Somebody Save Me Forty Below Records By Randy Murphy With a voice that swings with ease between delicate and muscular and a stage presence even God envies, Sugaray Rayford is the consummate entertainer. In his live shows, Rayford burns through

Ramblings On My Mind – Greg Johnson, Cascade Blues Association President

Ramblings On My Mind August 2019

Every year during summer festivals and events I am reminded on just how important the International Blues Challenge is to the blues world. We always hold our finals at the Waterfront Blues Festival and that in itself has been a

Patrick Stilwell

Patrick Stilwell - Tales From The Riverside

Tales From The Riverside Self Released By Greg Johnson This is one of those albums that you like more after every play. Exceptional songwriting and performances that blend well together make for a winning formula, and Patrick Stilwell knows how

New Music to Note August 2019

New Music to Note August 2019

There is so much good music out there . . . to help sort through it, we recommend starting here.   Billy Branch and The Sons of the Blues — Roots and Branches: The Songs of Little Walter (Alligator Records)

Mary Flower

Mary Flower

Livin’ With The Blues Again Little Village Foundation By Greg Johnson When it comes to the world of acoustic guitarists, Mary Flower is a treasure who stands tall among her peers. Whether it is performing the blues, ragtime, folk, or

The Lloyd Jones Struggle – Full Force (Self Released)

The Lloyd Jones Struggle - Full Force

Full Force Self Released By Greg Johnson While going through some items at home, Lloyd Jones unearthed a long forgotten cassette of a live show recorded back in 1995 at The Emperor’s Chambers. Though the sound on the tape had