Cascade Blues Association / Artichoke Music  Present Livestream with adam Scramsted

Cascade Blues Association/Artichoke Music
Present Steve Cheseborough

Historian, musician, author. Steve Cheseborough wears many hats. A life-long student of the early blues and its progenitors have consumed his own passion for playing and recreating those innovative sounds that bridged the development of modern music over the years. A performance by Steve Cheseborough is so much more than just his playing guitar and harmonica; it is in itself a history lesson as he recounts the stories of his heroes, such as Bo Carter, Charley Patton, Blind Boy Fuller and those who birthed the blues and American music. Steve is also the author of the essential guide to visiting the Mississippi Delta for those seeking the background of those inspiring artists and more. Titled Blues Traveling: The Holy Sites of Delta Blues, which is a living work as he updates its content continuously and it has seen multiple printings to date. He was also a featured artist in the film Last of the Mississippi Jukes. 

Steve Cheseborough joins us for the Cascade Blues Association’s second presentation of our monthly streamed showcase in collaboration with Artichoke Music (where Steve also offers classes in both acoustic guitar and harmonica). This is certainly going to be an entertaining night of music and stories from one of the very best at early blues and the progression of the music throughout the years. Steve himself has been one of those bridges that brings everything to life. 

Wednesday, December 2, 7:00 pm. Online with Facebook Live on Artichoke Music’s event page. Please share with your friends to allow the largest audience for these performances each month as we can. 

Please join in on the broadcast and remember to visit Steve’s online payment outlets at: 

Venmo @Steve-Cheseborough or PayPal 

Every little bit helps our musicians struggling to make ends meet during Covid and the loss of most if not all of their regular working gigs. 

You can also donate to both the Cascade Blues Association and Artichoke Music, two non-profit organizations working to bring you live music and supporting our local musicians and venues at: 

The Cascade Blues Association
& Artichoke Music Present Kim Field
& The Perfect Gentlemen Live Online

Wednesday, November 4, 7 p.m. PST 

This is a streaming online performance. Listen in at 

It has been several months since the Cascade Blues Association has been able to bring live, in-person monthly meetings to our members and friends due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are now teaming up with Artichoke Music to help remedy this situation, by offering once-a-month live streaming performances from some of our favorite musicians. 

Presented live from Artichoke Music’s home stage, our first musical guests will be 2019 Muddy Award winners for Best New Act, Kim Field & The Perfect Gentlemen. 

Join in and go to the band’s online payment sources (to be announced) to help our local musicians make ends meet during these trying times of limited performance opportunities. 

You can also join or donate to both the Cascade Blues Association and Artichoke Music (both are not-for-profit organizations). 

October 2020 cancelled

General Membership Meeting October 2020

Please be advised that at this time all of our General Membership meetings are on hold. They will continue once we’re able to safely gather in a location that can provide enough space for all with proper separation for social distancing. Most of all we want our members, musicians, volunteers, sound crew and venue personnel to feel comfortable and safe. We miss being able to spend time with you and to bring you the music we all love and crave. It will be back. We just need to practice patience in the meantime. Thank you for understanding. 

October 2020 cancelled

September 2020 General Membership Meeting 

Please be advised that at this time all of our General Membership Meetings are on hold. They will continue once we’re able to safely gather in a location that can provide enough space for all with proper separation of social distancing. Most of all we want our members, musicians, volunteers, sound crew and venue personnel to feel comfortable and safe. We miss being able to spend our time with you and to bring you the music we all love and crave. It will be back. We just need to practice patience in the meantime. Thank you for understanding. 

October 2020 cancelled

General Membership Meeting Cancelled
August 2020

As we approach another month in this time of Covid-19, we do not seem any closer to being able to have a live membership meeting. Portland still sits in phase one, with phase two not allowing groups of more than 25 people still to come. We just do not know when things will turn around for us. 

We apologize to our members and to the acts scheduled during these months, but we basically have our hands tied at this point. Phase one has allowed some venues to be able to hold shows, so help them out and attend when possible – but remember, the fact is that the pandemic still exists, so be safe. We do not want to move into the position that the State of Washington resides with no music allowed until they reach phase four, or California where the entire state is shut down for all restaurants and bars. Don’t let us move backwards. 

Keep a watch on our Facebook page and the Cascade Blues Association website, if anything changes for the positive where we might be able to have a meeting, we will let you know. We’re heavily anticipating when we may be able to gather again and enjoy our friendships and great music. 

October 2020 cancelled

July General Meeting Cancelled

We had hoped for better news this month, but Covid-19 continues to change our plans on a regular basis as of late. With the current postponement of the reopening of Multnomah County, the effects will also alter our chances of holding our monthly meetings until further changes can take place. We once again need to cancel our meeting in July. 

At the beginning of the year, we had originally scheduled our July meeting for July 8 in anticipation of the Waterfront Blues Festival. But even with a week’s delay, we would need to abide by state guidelines. By that direction, we could not use our regular home base at The Eagles Lodge as they would fall under the rulings for fraternal organizations for Phase One of reopening. Unless that organization has a full-time restaurant on-site, they do not fall under the same terms as a restaurant or bar, and must not allow any gatherings greater than 25 people. As stated in last month’s BluesNotes, holding a meeting with that limited number of people would not even allow us to hire our sound people, and the numbers on-site would have to include staff and the band. Phase Two guidelines will need to be explored to determine if that will offer us the opportunity to have our August meeting at The Eagles. But at this time (writing on June 15), with possible Phase One opening on June 19), the earliest that Phase Two would be able to take place would be July 10 with the 21 required days Phase One has to be held. 

Keep your fingers crossed that the pandemic lets up. We want to see all of you again as soon as we can. But until then, we’ll continue with our current wait-and-see-what-comes-next position. 

Stay safe, everyone (wear your masks and practice safe social distancing). Keep watching those online performances and tipping the musicians, buy their music (online, directly or at retail outlets — we suggest longtime CBA sponsor Music Millennium), attend shows where possible, and support everybody in our music community. 

Membership Meeting Cancelled
As we’re well into our third month of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are starting to see some activities and businesses begin to reopen across the State. At this time, Multnomah County has yet to apply for the Phase One opening stage, which will only allow up to 25 people in gatherings and must include distancing of six feet for patrons. Phase One guidelines state that this must go on for a period of 21 days before moving onto Phase Two.
I am not sure how venues or the Cascade Blues Association figures in the long run of live performances taking place; concerts and sporting events are shown to be on hold until at least September. The question is the size of crowd that would entail, and that is part of Phase Three. Hopefully, we will be able to see events like our meeting come back sometime soon.
As for now, with the 25 people limit for gatherings, we will have to cancel our meeting scheduled for June. It is not just a decision made for safety, which is the number one concern, but it is also not economically feasible for us to hold a meeting with this limited number of people. Most who attend are members and have free entry to the meetings. But even if the entire 25 attendees were to pay the $5.00 non-member entry, it would still not be enough to cover the expense of our sound people. And does the 25 people include the CBA staff working, sound crew and the Eagles volunteers? It’s better to be on the cautious side at this point and hope for easing of restrictions to come about soon.
In the meantime, please continue to be safe and to support the musicians performing online and the venues and retail outlets offering allowable services. There will be an end in sight and it is in our best interest to keep everyone involved in the music we love to be able to resume their livelihood once that time returns.
CBA Board Important Message

Important Message
from the Cascade Blues Association

If you’re reading this and you’re a member of the Cascade Blues Association the website now contains your monthly issue of the BluesNotes online. Due to the coronavirus situation and its serious impact on all our lives, we have had to make some difficult and unforeseen decisions. All of the content that is usually printed is now available here on the website by clicking on each heading above for now. The pandemic has led to the state-wide stay at home order, shutting down venues and businesses and preventing gatherings. These circumstances have created a tremendous hardship for local musicians and venues with the loss of performance dates and subsequent loss of income. Please bear with us as we navigate our new reality.

The major consequence of the coronavirus pandemic for the Cascade Blues Association is the cancellation of our monthly membership meetings. Most of our monthly revenue comes from membership, merchandise, and raffle-ticket sales at our meetings, and our advertising income for shows has dried up as well. Further, with no local gigs scheduled, the calendar we provide is basically nonexistent. Without this income, it’s clear we simply cannot afford to print BluesNotes. The cost behind putting the paper together and mailing it would deplete the budget we have for this year long before we even approach the end of December. So, at least for the next couple months, perhaps for however long this pandemic continues, the BluesNotes will only be available online for our members. Once the situation begins to straighten out, we will have to look at how our finances are holding out before we return to printing the paper.

Our general membership meetings are also on hold until the stay-at-home order is lifted and we can again congregate in groups and bars/restaurants are allowed to operate. As we did in April, we have cancelled the meeting scheduled for May. The acts scheduled to perform in May were contacted and have accepted an offer to perform at September’s meeting. Hopefully all will be back to normal, or at least as close to normal as possible, by then. If more meetings need to be cancelled we will let all know in advance.

Thank you for your understanding. But even more, thank you for being Cascade Blues Association members.CBA Board Important Message





– CBA Board of Directors

Due to the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s announcement cancelling any events or gatherings of 250 people for a four-week period, the Cascade Blues Association’s General Membership Meeting scheduled for April 1 has been cancelled.

This decision was difficult. After the CBA board members discussed the issues and then consulted with the musicians scheduled to perform at the meeting, we determined it was in everyone’s best interest to cancel April’s meeting.

Although our meetings do not usually bring in 250 people, there were many factors we needed to consider when making this decision. Our concern was for CBA members, guests, musicians, the sound crew, our board members, and volunteers, both those for the CBA as well as those for The Eagles. Given the fact that many who attend our meetings fall within the age and at-risk categories health authorities suggests should stay away from large gatherings, we wanted to err on the side of caution and avoid exposing anyone to a potential risk of infection.

Though this decision is disappointing, it is also the right and responsible decision to make at this time.

Due to the cancellation, the Journey To Memphis application deadline which was originally set for the conclusion of the meeting, will be extended for one week until April 7. Entries may be mailed (post-marked no later than April 6) to Journey To Memphis (J2M) c/o Cascade Blues Association, PO Box 6566, Portland, OR 97228. Or they can be handed over directly to any CBA board member no later than April 7.

Also, the Waterfront Blues Festival volunteer sign-ups normally begins at the April meeting. We apologize for the inconvenience of those planning on doing so at this meeting, but we will continue the process in both May and June.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Plan on joining us at The Eagles Lodge for our monthly General Membership Meeting where you are guaranteed to find some fun times with two sets of blues, a bunch of fun give-aways for our lucky ticket drawings, and good times with special friends. This month we have two acts that we know you’re going to love, so come on out and check them out.

Thad Beckman – photo by Greg Johnson

A professional musician for close to 40 years, Thad Beckman has paid his dues on the dusty roads which run from Oregon to California to New Jersey to Texas to Amsterdam to Vienna and points in between. His finely-crafted original songs are the story of life, the voice of modern America…from the growling Delta blues of the Deep South to evocative contemporary folk blues…bound by the common thread of experience gleaned from the road.

Thad Beckman, is a prolific songwriter, having written and produced seven solo albums, whom Tom Russel as called, “One of America’s best guitar players and a damn good songwriter” As a guitarist, Thad Beckman has been hired by Bo Diddley, The Shirelles, Earl Thomas, Tom Russell, and as a bandleader has found himself sharing the stage with such renowned artists as B.B. King, Albert Collins, James Cotton, The Band, Emmylou Harris, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, Los Lobos, Dave Alvin, Jimmy Webb, and The Flatlanders to name a few. Thad has also appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman playing guitar for Tom Russell.

Founded by guitarist and band leader Josh Makosky and his high school best friend Rich Staats, Love Sloth is a mutation of their original band August In Blue. Makosky has been playing music since he was five, starting on piano and picking up guitar when he was ten. He studied music at a local community college and a few years later with a desire to play for more than just his friends, he began hitting jams around town and fell in love with the local blues scene. Finding a  calling for the blues he started playing regularly with musicians such as Angel Bouchet and Lucy Hammond, then touring with American Idol favorite and super-diva Naomi Tstsuoka and also with his friend, the award-winning Ben Rice.

Although founded as primarily a blues-rock band, Love Sloth, with its own sound has been crafted from many styles, blending the genres of blues and R&B, funk and high-energy rock. Through several line-up changes, the band released their debut recording 2017. Staats ended up moving to Arizona, leaving a vacuum within the group which was filled by Nathan Mayers taking on the second guitar position, with the band rounded out by the amazingly talented Juliet Terrill on bass and Chandler Bowerman holding it all together on drums.

Live onstage is where this band shines. They have a belief in writing fun, relatable songs and strive at delivering a fun and energetic musical experience that will make their audiences want to see them again and again.

The East Portland Eagles Aerie, 4904 SE Hawthorne St. Wednesday, March 4, 7:00 pm. Members always Free, Non-members $5.00. All ages welcome.